Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, Rainbow, 8. Учебник. Unit 3. Step 3

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1e, 2b, 3f, 4d, 5c, a — extra.
1) Linda: “Have you ever taken part in film festivals in Cannes?”
2) Diana: “Do you (yourself) often go to the cinema?
3) Greg: “Have you been keeping to a diet of fruit and vegetables?”
4) Susan: “When were you at the theatre last?”
5) Jack: “With how many directors have you worked?/did you work?”
6) Kevin: “Who is your favourite director?”
7) Julie: “When did you begin your career?”
8) Sarah: “Are you going to visit any European countries?”
9) Sam: “In how many films have you acted?”
1) Peter wondered what film I (we) would see at the Odeon.
2) John asked Hector if he would appear in that comedy.
3) Val said she would go to the cinema in the evening.
4) Robert asked Jane if she would buy ticket for “The Sound of Music”.
5) Mr Cook said they would have their seats in the stalls.
6) Mrs Cook thought their daughter wouldn’t like that film.
7) Mrs Evans asked where they would meet.
8) Miss Fox asked who would play in that comedy.
9) Polly asked Grey if he would book tickets for the new musical.
1) moving;
2) thrilling;
3) slow;
4) gripping;
5) violent;
6) shallow;
7) hit;
8) boring;
9) silly;
10) enjoyable (good fun).
1) Bob said he would go to see a ballet next Sunday.
2) Helen asked Sid if he would join them.
3) Sally asked what play they would perform.
4) Harris asked Paul if he would help him.
5) Chris said he wouldn’t go to the circus with me (us).
1) gripping;
2) thrilling;
3) hit;
4) blockbuster;
5) violent;
6) shallow;
7) flop;
8) moving.
boring — gripping, kind — violent, clever — silly, fast moving — slow, peace — war, deep — shallow, finally — first, a flop — a hit.
1) a moving story,
2) gripping events,
3) a deep impression,
4) an actor’s playing,
5) violent (cruel) behaviour,
6) a waste of time,
7) an important message (idea),
8) a shallow answer.
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