Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, Rainbow English, 6. Учебник. Unit 3. Step 1

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1) whose;
2) where;
3) who;
4) which;
5) what;
6) when;
7) why;
8) how.
a) he lives;
b) does he live.
a) he is going to Moscow;
b) is he going to Moscow.
a) he is doing now;
b) is he doing now.
a) Betty is at home;
b) is Betty at home.
a) you are reading;
b) are you reading.
1d; 2f; 3a; 4h; 5b; 6c; 7e; 8g.
1) Who lives in the house next door?
2) When did you meet your aunt?
3) How are you?
4) Whose dog is it?
5) What do you usually have at five o’clock?
6) Why are learning English?
7) How often do you go to the gym?
1) How old;
2) How many;
3) How often;
4) How well;
5) How difficult;
6) How much.
1) Tell me where he lives.
2) Where does he live?
3) I don’t know what she likes.
4) What does she like?
5) Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?
6) I want to know where you usually spend your summer holidays.
a) Where did you live when you were little?
b) What are you interested in now?
c) Where are you going for your winter holidays?
(sample) …
First of all I would like to see Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, then I’d like to go to the British Museum and have a walk around Hyde Park. I’d like to visit Westminster Cathedral too.
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