Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, Rainbow English, 6. Учебник. Unit 3. Step 3

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1a; 2a; 3a; 4a; 5a; 6b.
hug (noun) — объятие; wish (noun) — желание.
1) I’d like to know when we are going to buy New Year gifts.
2) Tell me why they are celebrating New Year’s Day in the country.
3) Ask him why he is shouting.
4) I don’t know what he did at midnight.
5) Tell me who sent this greeting card to you.
6) I’m not sure what time the clock is striking.
7) Tell me how they can answer this question.
8) I don’t know what flowers she is fond of.
9) Ask Harry who(m) he hugged before leaving home.
10) I would like to know what your birthday wishes are.
Jerry would like to know
1) if his mum is at home;
2) if she is cooking now;
3) if she was at the shop in the morning;
4) if his father is going to come home early;
5) if his father goes to the bank on Fridays;
6) if his father can take them to the cinema today;
7) if they show a James Bond film in the cinema;
8) if his mum likes James Bond films;
9) if his mum can go to the cinema with them;
10) if I / we are going to enjoy this film.
1) I know that people can live high in the mountains.
2) I am not sure that painting pictures is interesting.
3) I know that dogs can’t play the piano.
4) I know that January is not a winter month in Australia, it’s a summer month.
5) I don’t know if the weather is warm or cold in Great Britain now.
6) I know that they speak English in South America.
7) I know that the New Year does not begin on 1 January in all the countries.
8) I know that the first cars were big.
9) I don’t know that the British Queen likes travelling abroad.
1) The man in the first picture is saying, “Mmm …”.
2) The boy in the second picture is saying, “Wow!”
3) The woman in the third picture is saying, “Ouch!”
4) The man in the fourth picture is saying, “Oops!”
5) The girl in the fifth picture is saying, “Yuck!”
6) The girl in the sixth picture is saying, “Oh!”
7) The man in the seventh picture is saying, “Hey!”
1) which;
2) whose;
3) who;
4) whose.
1c; 2b; 3d; 4a.
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