Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, Rainbow English, 6. Учебник. Unit 3. Step 5

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1b; 2c; 3a; 4d.
1) Each of the painters has got a pencil / pencils.
2) Each of the cooks has got a spoon.
3) Each of the boys has got a pet / a dog.
4) Each of the girls has got a ball.
5) Each of the pilots has got a map.
6) Each of the boys has got a mobile / a phone.
7) Each of the children has got a doll / a toy.
8) Each of the women has got a bag.
1) Wow! / Mmm …
2) Hey!
3) Yuck!
4) Oh!
5) Oops!
6) Wow!
7) Ouch!
1) John usually decorates the New Year tree.
2) from school John lives.
3) John knows the poem.
4) how often John comes here.
5) how much time John usually spends on his homework.
6) how many vegetables John buys on Saturday.
7) how many times a week John goes to the cinema.
1) the film is.
2) how interesting the books are.
3) how deep the river is.
4) how wide the streets are.
5) how long the fairy tale is.
6) how old the car is.
7) how tall the tower is.
Jill asks / tells Betty
1) not to lie in the sun so long.
2) to make sandcastles.
3) to go to the bank.
4) not to be afraid of the dog.
5) to have a trip to the Green Island.
6) to decorate the New Year tree.
7) to wait for her in the hall.
8) not to ask her so many questions.
Sam asks his mum
1) to help him.
2) not to go.
3) read to him.
4) not to cook porridge for him.
Tell me
1) how good you are at skating.
2) how fast you ski.
3) how popular this festival is.
4) how often he goes to the skating rink.
5) how well your friends speak English.
1) It’s a witch. People dress as witches at parties on October 31st.
2) It’s a lantern. Some people make lanterns from pumpkins for Halloween celebrations.
3) It’s a box of gifts. People put gifts under New Year trees.
4) It’s a ghost. Young people often dress as ghosts on Halloween night.
5) It’s a lamb. It’s a symbol of Easter.
6) It’s a pumpkin. It’s a symbol of Halloween.
(sample) Dear …, Happy birthday! I wish you a lot of happiness and luck. Enjoy this wonderful day. Lots of love. …
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