Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, Rainbow English, 6. Учебник. Unit 3. Step 6

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Roses are red
Lilies are white
Violets are blue.
Rosemary’s green.
Sugar is sweet
When I am a King
And so are you.
You are my Queen.
People say these rhymes on St Valentine’s Day.
The journalist wants to know
1) if she likes pop music.
2) if she often goes to rock concerts.
3) how often she does that.
4) if she is interested in the cinema.
5) how well she knows modern actors.
6) if she sometimes watches videos.
7) what songs she usually sings.
8) which of them are her favourite songs.
9) if she celebrates New Year at home with her family.
10) how she does it.
11) what songs she is going to sing here.
12) if she is going to sing some songs in French.
Charlie asks Roy
1) if he has got a family.
2) if he has got any brothers or sisters.
3) how many sisters he has got.
4) how many brothers he has got.
5) if he has got any pets.
6) what pets he has got.
Charlie asks
1) with whom Roy celebrated last New Year.
2) who decorated the New Year tree then.
3) how many gifts there were under the New Year tree then.
4) what Roy cooked that day.
5) what Roy did on New Year’s Eve.
6) who Roy met on New Year’s Day.
7) what gifts Roy gave to his parents.
8) what gifts Roy got.
Little Frankie asks Father Frost to bring him a dog, a computer, and a mobile. He asks Father Frost not to bring him a teddy bear, a bike and a book of fairy tales.
1) People in Russia usually decorate New Year trees at the end of December. In my family we usually do it on the … .
a) They are my mum and my dad.
b) I can hang a coat and a jacket on the wall.
с) I believe my parents.
d) I often spend money on books and on disks.
e) I prepare gifts for my family and a New Year salad.
1) a special gift, offer, invitation, party, place, treat etc;
2) a real gift, friend, gold ring, celebration, teacher, doctor etc;
3) a quiet place, room, kitten, evening, melody, street etc.
1) prepare;
2) special;
3) real;
4) money;
5) believe;
6) greet;
7) hang;
8) quiet.
(sample) Dear Father Frost, I hope you will get my letter. Thank you for the mobile you gave me last year. It was really great. Can you bring me a new mobile this year, please? I would like to have it so much! Thanks a lot. Yours …
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