Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, Rainbow English, 6. Учебник. Unit 5. Step 8

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1) south;
2) park;
3) school.
1) are, them;
2) were;
3) were, them;
4) is, it;
5) these, them;
6) are;
7) are;
8) are, are;
9) was, it;
10) is, it.
1) No, it isn’t. The raincoat is long, but it isn’t blue, it’s pink.
2) No, they aren’t. The trousers are short, but they aren’t brown. They’re grey.
3) No, it isn’t. The fur coat is short, but it isn’t grey. It’s white.
4) No, they aren’t. The boots are high, but they aren’t purple. They’re black.
5) No, it isn’t. The T-shirt is short but it isn’t red. It’s green.
6) No, they aren’t. The pyjamas are narrow, but they aren’t pink. They are yellow.
7) No, it isn’t. The sweater is not long and not orange. It’s short and grey.
8) No, it isn’t. The dress is green but it isn’t neat. It’s scruffy.
9) No, they aren’t. The shoes are brown but they aren’t old. They’re new.
1d; 2b; 3c; a — extra.
1) are;
2) are;
3) is;
4) are;
5) is;
6) are;
7) are.
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