Баранова, 6. Рабочая тетрадь. Grammar Bank 3

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1 read, liked
2 did da Vinci paint, began, finished
3 heard, burgled, broke, got, stole
4 Did you enjoy, didn’t go
5 was, Did you watch, started, fell, didn’t see
1 Liam wasn’t sleeping at midnight last night.
2 Were you jogging in the park this morning?
3 The thieves were running to escape while two policemen were chasing them.
4 The students were doing a test yesterday at 10:00 am.
5 Was Pete listening to music at 2 in the morning?
1 was trying, saw, called
2 was singing, were listening
3 didn’t hear, was working
4 cleared, did
5 didn’t email, wasn’t working
2 How old was he when he began his singing career?
3 What was the name of their group?
4 Who produced Off the Wall?
5 Which of his albums became the best-selling one of all times?
6 Why did Michael Jackson die?
7 How did people feel at the news of his death?
8 How long did Michael Jackson’s career last?
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