Баранова, 6. Рабочая тетрадь. Grammar Bank 6

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1 was being washed
2 be sent
3 had been buried, was uncovered
4 is being displayed / will be displayed
5 is held
6 is being served
7 has not been completed
1 will be delivered
2 was robbed
3 hasn’t been released
4 had all been sold
5 be bought
6 weren’t invited
7 are sold
1 was built
2 has been occupied
3 are organized
4 has been decorated / is decorated
5 was opened
6 has been used
7 be visited
1 –
2 yourself
3 herself
4 –
5 herself
6 ourselves
7 himself
1 said
2 told
3 said
4 said
5 said
6 told
7 said
8 said
2 that they had been to London the previous year. They had really enjoyed themselves going around the sites. They wanted to go again that year.
3 that he couldn’t go to Spain with his friends that summer. They were leaving in July and his holidays were in August. Perhaps, he would go with them the following year.
2 would record
I’ll record my own album next year.
3 hadn’t bought
I haven’t bought them yet.
4 hadn’t come in
She didn’t come in yesterday, either.
5 were leaving
We are leaving for Ireland tomorrow.
1 how he had become interested in archaeology.
2 She asked him what the best part of his job was.
3 She asked him if he could describe / to describe his typical working day.
4 She asked him if / whether he had taken part in many excavations.
5 She asked him what the most exciting thing (that) he had uncovered was.
6 She asked him if / whether he got to travel a lot.
7 She asked him where he was planning to go next.
8 She asked him if he had any advice for those wishing to have a career in archaeology.
2 He ordered them to leave that room immediately.
3 He begged us to go to his concert that night.
4 The post office worker asked Linda to put her parcel on the scales.
5 The museum guide told the students not to touch the exhibits.
6 Helen ordered George to get his feet off the table.
2 The doctor asked Mrs Miles how long she had had those symptoms.
3 The doctor asked her when her last check-up had been / was.
4 The doctor told her that they would need to run some tests.
5 The doctor asked her if / whether she had any allergies.
6 The doctor told her to lie down.
2 C asked him to bring me a selection of cold meats.
3 H told him to be quiet.
4 A told her to get some eye drops from the chemist’s.
5 F asked John if he could help me move the sofa.
6 В told him that I would send it by airmail.
7 G asked her if she had bought the tickets.
8 E asked him who his favourite painter was.
1 doesn’t she
2 wasn’t it
3 will you
4 hasn’t he
5 have you
6 won’t we
1 i
2 d
3 b
4 c
5 f
6 h
7 g
8 e
9 j
10 a
2 faster, will you
3 paintings were amazing, weren’t they
4 go to the beach, shall we
5 shirt looks nice, doesn’t it
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