Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 1a

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1 C
2 В
3 G
4 J
5 F
6 I
7 H
8 E
9 A
10 D
In my local area there is a bridge, but there isn’t a tunnel. There isn’t a bus lane, but there is a level crossing. There isn’t a cycle lane, but there are traffic lights. There is a bus stop, pavements and road signs.
The text is about a real-life TV series that shows videos of the police and how they catch criminals on the road.
popular (adj): liked by a lot of people
real-life (adj): not fictional
documentary (n): film / programme about a subject based on fact
reality show (n): TV show about real people / situations
feature (v): to show, to present
video footage (n): film taken by a video camera
police car (n): vehicle that police use
hand-held camera (n): a small video camera that you hold in your hand
focus on (v): to concentrate on, to deal with in depth
road crime (n): crime using a motor vehicle
catchy title (n): name that is easy to remember
narrator (n): person talking over a TV show / film
draw (v): to make sb interested in sth
viewer (n): sb who watches a TV programme
voice-over (n): words that are spoken by a narrator
suspect (n): person that the police think has committed a crime
pedestrian (n): person walking in a city / town
injured (adj): hurt
U-turn (n): the action of turning suddenly and moving in the opposite direction
oncoming traffic (n): line of cars etc. that is coming towards sb
shocked (adj): surprised, stunned
speed (v): to drive fast
cut (sb) off (phr v): to stop sb from moving forward by placing yourself in their way
channel hop (v): to move from one channel on TV to another to find sth good to watch
1 T (l. 1-2)
2 F (The video footage is from cameras in police cars, helicopters, and sometimes from hand-held cameras, too.)
3 F (It shows road crime and bad driving.)
4 T (l. 13-15)
5 T (l.20)
6 F (The police go over the level crossing to cut him off at the end of the tunnel.)
In picture 2 the suspect is going past the car.
In picture 3 the suspect is turning into the street.
In picture 4 the suspect is going along the bus lane / driving down the street.
In picture 5 the suspect is going under the bridge.
In picture 6 the suspect is going along the cycle lane and towards the tunnel.
In picture 7 the police car is going over the level crossing.
In picture 8 the suspect is coming out of the tunnel.
1 along
2 towards
3 past
4 through
5 into
6 across
7 up
8 down
9 over
There he is! He’s going along the cycle lane. Now he’s driving on the pavement. The police are close behind, but the suspect is going through the traffic lights and they’re red. That’s very dangerous. Now the suspect is going along on the bus lane. Oh no! There’s a bus coming the other way. The suspect stops. The police are right behind him! They got him!
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