Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 1b

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You can play sports at a sports centre.
You can exercise at a gym.
You can shop in a shopping centre.
You can skate at an ice rink.
You can go on rides at an amusement park.
You can go bowling in a bowling alley.
You can play video games at a games arcade.
There is a bowling alley, a shopping centre and a sports centre in my area. In my free time, I go to the shopping centre.
A shopping centre
В games arcade
C gym
D amusement park
E sports centre
selection (n): choice
trendy shop (n): modern shop
food outlet (n): shop that sells food
treat yourself to sth (phr): to do sth special for yourself
check out (phr v): to find out information
track down (phr v): to find
discount (n): reduction in price
fitness freak (n): person who loves exercising
entrance price (n): money one pays to enter a place
absolute beginner (n): complete beginner
except (prep): but, apart from
1 D
2 A
3 D
4 C
5 E
6 C
7 В
8 В
I’d like to go to the games arcade because I like playing video games. Also I can save some money as they offer discounts for students.
The Teanlowe Shopping Centre seems like the shopping centre in my city. It has got lots of shops and food outlets, too.
The Thornton Centre seems similar to the gym in my town. It has got a free weights room and lots of facilities. It also offers a range of classes.
Derby Park amusement park seems similar to a park in my country. It is also open seven days a week and at night.
Refer Ss to the Grammar Reference Section.
Present simple: loves, Do you feel like, offer, cater (to), has, stay, Do you fancy, Do you want.
Present continuous: What are you waiting for?
Stative verbs: loves, feel (like), fancy, has, want.
[s]: looks, starts, talks, walks, wakes up.
[z]: drives, goes, has, listens, studies.
[ɪz]: catches, watches.
1 making
2 working
3 travelling
4 playing
5 swimming
6 coming
Verbs ending in -e, drop the -e and take -ing. Verbs ending in -ie, drop the -ie, add -y + -ing. Verbs ending in a stressed vowel between two consonants double the last consonant and add -ing. Verbs ending in – l, double the – l and add -ing.
1 Do you walk, am not going, is raining
2 Is Boris doing, is watching
3 Do your parents work, visit, have
4 looks, Do you know, isn’t sleeping
5 am waiting, Do you know, is studying
6 Do you want, am looking after
Stative verbs: have, look, know, want
Present simple: usually, never, sometimes, often, always, once a week.
Present continuous: now, this morning, these days, at the moment, this week.
Adverbs of frequency: usually, never, sometimes, often, always.
I never go to the gym on Tuesdays.
I am sitting at my desk now.
I am having lessons this morning.
I sometimes go to the ice rink at the weekend.
I often go to the water park in the summer.
I always get up early.
I am studying hard these days.
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