Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 1e

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mud bogs can swallow a car or person
mosquitoes, scorpions, poisonous spiders and snakes
flash floods
Staying safe
pull each leg out slowly, lie flat and crawl out carefully
look where you walk, wear long trousers, boots and insect repellent
climb up a cliff or tree at the highest point
run away very fast
survive (v): to manage not to die swamp (n): large area of wet ground escape (v): to get away
get into trouble (phr): find yourself in difficulties
swallow (v): to absorb as if to eat
fall (into) (v): to move down and into sth by accident
panic (v): to feel anxious or afraid
pull (in) (v): to use force to make sth move towards you
lie flat (phr): fo be in a horizontal position against sth
crawl (out) (v): to move slowly out on hands and knees
mosquito (n): small flying insect that bites
scorpion (n): crawling insect with a tail that stings
poisonous (adj): having sth that can make a person very ill
fatal (adj): capable of causing death
insect repellent (n): chemical to protect against insects
ground (n): surface of the Earth
shake (v): to move repeatedly from side to side and / or up and down
cliff (n): large rock with a very steep side
hide (v): to stay somewhere where you cannot be seen or found
bubble (n): small ball of air in water
reptile (n): cold-blooded animal, such as a snake, a crocodile etc.
run away (phr v): to move away from sth quickly
1 largest and most beautiful national parks.
2 must pull each leg out slowly, then lie flat and crawl out carefully.
3 very dangerous and sometimes fatal.
4 look where you walk, wear long trousers, strong boots and lots of insect repellent.
5 96 kmph.
6 climb up a cliff or a tree / get to the highest place you can.
7 move.
8 turn quickly.
A 4
B 2
C –
D 3
E 1
escape (v): to get away
survive (v): to not die
fall (into) (v): to move down and into by accident
crawl (v): to move slowly, close to the ground
fatal (adj): capable of causing death
noise (n): a sound
run away (phr v): to escape, to move away
1 escape
2 poisonous, fatal
3 shaking
4 reptiles
5 swallow
I can’t believe I’m lost, and it’s getting late. I must try to find my friends. There are swamps all around me. I have to be careful not to fall into a mud bog. I will never escape if I do! I can see lots of trees and plants. What’s that strange noise? Ahh, a snake! I hope it doesn’t bite me! The snakes here in the Everglades are poisonous. I feel really scared here on my own. I can hear the mosquitoes. Hopefully they won’t bite me and my friends will find me soon!
2 Can / Could I use your insect repellent?
3 You can see alligators there.
4 We can put up our tent here.
5 Alligators can’t move fast in circles.
6 You can get lost there.
1 must
2 mustn’t
3 have to
4 can’t
5 mustn’t
You can follow a river because most rivers lead to a village.
You have to boil river water before you drink it.
You can’t always eat fruit from the trees. Some can be poisonous.
You have to drink lots of water.
You must light a fire at night to frighten away any animals.
You mustn’t make too much noise because it attracts animals.
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