Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 1f

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1 D
2 F
3 C
4 A
5 G
6 E
7 В
8 H
In my town there are lots of blocks of flats and bungalows. I live in a block of flats.
The emails are about where two girls live and what their houses are like. Jasmine lives in a bungalow and Debbie lives in a townhouse.
imagine (v): to think of
front garden (n): an area in front of a house, usually with grass and plants
view (n): the landscape or scene that you can see from a window or balcony
forest (n): an area of land with lots of trees
skyscraper (n): a very tall building usually found in the town or city centre
pretty sure (phr): almost certain
lucky (adj): fortunate
own (v): to have
1 T
2 F (bungalow with front and back garden)
3 T
4 F (three storeys)
5 DS
6 T
1 Jasmine’s parents call the house ‘our little paradise’ because it is in a very beautiful place.
2 Jasmine’s new house is a bungalow.
3 There is a forest behind her house.
4 Debbie lives in a townhouse.
5 The view from Debbie’s house is of skyscrapers.
6 Debbie stays in a small cottage near the sea.
I would prefer to live in a bungalow in the countryside because it’s quiet and very peaceful there. It would also have a nice view and big bedrooms. / I would prefer to live in a townhouse in the city. These houses are large and close to the shops.
the most beautiful, nicer, bigger, better, larger, noisier.
2 A block of flats is taller than a villa. / A villa is not as tall as a block of flats.
3 The city centre is noisier than the suburbs. / The suburbs are not as noisy as the city centre.
4 A cottage is smaller than a bungalow. / A bungalow is not as small as a cottage.
5 Houses are more expensive than flats. / Flats are not as expensive as houses.
6 Cities are more crowded than villages. / Villages are not as crowded as cities.
7 The suburbs are more beautiful than the city centre. / The city centre is not as beautiful as the suburbs.
2 brighter
3 bigger
4 the messiest
5 darker
6 more comfortable
7 the biggest
8 the smallest
9 more old-fashioned
10 the most comfortable
11 more modern
12 more colourful
London is the biggest city in the country.
Inverness is colder than Bristol.
Glasgow is smaller than London.
Weymouth is sunnier than Manchester.
Leeds is more modern than York.
London is more expensive than Liverpool.
Birmingham isn’t as beautiful as Edinburgh.
Cardiff is wetter than Cambridge.
Dear Sophie,
I live in a modern detached house. We have a great view of the city from the balcony. It is in a nice neighbourhood not far from the centre. It’s very beautiful and my bedroom is very big. I hope you can come and visit me one day.
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