Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 1i

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We can take up a new hobby at a community centre.
We can borrow or return books at a library.
We can buy a stamp at a post office.
We can take someone who is ill to a hospital.
We can report a crime at a police station.
We can check our car tires at a petrol station.
We can buy a train ticket at a train station.
1 post office
2 hospital
3 library
4 community centre
A good citizen is someone who obeys laws and helps other people in his / her community.
A bad citizen is someone who does things that annoys others and causes problems in the community.
I think I am a good citizen because I like to help others in my community. I sometimes volunteer at the community centre and often visit elderly people in my neighbourhood.
citizen (n): a person who lives in a particular city / town
community (n): a group of people living in the same area
respect (v): to be polite to and care for sb or sth
obey laws (phr): to follow the rules made by the government
(be) involved (in) (phr): to take part in sth
wait (for) my turn (phr): to not push into a queue in
front of others who were there first
queue (n): a line of people waiting for sth
in need (phr): wanting help
public transport (n): vehicles that all people can use, like buses and trains
volunteer (v): to do sth to help and give your time for free
obey signs (v): to do what a sign tells you to do
public place (n): an area that everyone can go to without having to pay entrance fee such as a square or a park
report crimes (phr): to tell the police about sb breaking the law
care for (v): to look after
Why it’s important to be a good citizen.
We all live and work in a community and there are rules and laws that help the community. When someone doesn’t follow those rules and laws, it makes life unpleasant for some people. We must behave towards other people as though they were members of our family. Doing something good for others is doing something good for ourselves.
Ways to be a good citizen
You should think about and care for other people. You can help those who can’t help themselves. You can give your time and volunteer. You should look after the area you live in and not litter or damage property. You can also encourage others to be good citizens.
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