Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 2. Language Review

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Fruit and vegetables: broccoli, banana, cabbage, strawberries (grapes)
Meat and fish: beef, lamb, chicken, salmon (trout)
Desserts: apple pie, chocolate brownie, ice cream, waffles (cherry pie)
Drinks: milk, coffee, cola, tea (orange juice)
1 customers
2 order
3 table
4 popular
5 range
6 fast
1 jam
2 protein
3 order
4 prawn
5 fried
1 cold
2 top
3 scrambled
4 side
5 frying
6 jacket
7 fast
8 cherry
9 reduce
10 bunch
1 from
2 of, from
3 for
4 of
5 with
1 145
2 in the dairy products section
3 a fish ‘n’ chip shop or restaurant
4 dishes from a specific country or culture
5 20% of the energy from the food we eat
6 have a free cooking lesson
7 iron and protein
8 over 200
9 It covers our body, protects us and gives us our sense of touch.
10 dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt
1 What are the most popular ethnic cuisines in the UK? (Indian, Chinese and Italian)
2 What are baked goods? (cakes and biscuits)
3 What has Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution truck’ got in it? (eight cooking stations and TV plasma screens)
4 What do the letters “tsp” stand for? (teaspoon)
5 What is the healthiest type of chocolate? (Good quality dark chocolate)
6 How many muscles are in the human body? (over 600)
7 When does the Lemon Festival in Menton take place? (every February to March)
8 What kinds of food are carbohydrates? (cereals, bread and pasta)
9 What do we need to build and repair muscles? (protein)
10 In which section can you usually find pears in a supermarket? (the fruit and vegetables section)
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