Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 2a

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Oranges and lemons.
Countable: banana, lemon, carrot, strawberry, onion, cucumber, orange, potato.
Uncountable: broccoli, celery.
1 some, any
2 a
3 some
4 any
5 some, an
6 any, some
7 some, any
8 any
I think that the text is about artists making statues from lemons and oranges.
dessert (n): sweet dish people usually eat at the end of a meal
juice (n): the liquid of a fruit or vegetable
picturesque (adj): (of a place) beautiful and with nice scenery
resort (n): a place where lots of people spend their holidays
celebrate (v): to do sth enjoyable for a special reason
attract (v): to cause people to come to see
design (v): to make a detailed drawing of sth you plan to make
statue (n): a large model of sb or sth
measure (v): to be a particular size, length, etc.
citrus (adj): relating to fruits with a sour taste, such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits
creation (n): sth thatsb designs and makes
float (n): an open vehicle which carries people or things for people to see, usually in parades
fireworks (pl n): small rockets that light up the sky when they explode
theme (n): the main idea
(let your) imagination run wild (phr): to imagine or dream up anything you like
1 … a seaside resort town in the south of France.
2 … the Lemon Festival.
3 … over 145 tons of lemons and oranges.
4 … Citrus Exposition.
5 … fireworks.
You can use lemons to make a lot of different desserts.
Artists use whole lemons and not their juice to make statues.
Menton is a picturesque town.
Menton is a seaside resort town.
The people of Menton celebrate the Lemon Festival every year.
The festival attracts over 200,000 visitors each year.
Artists design amazing, giant statues for the festival.
The artists use lemons and oranges to make huge statues.
Some statues measure over 10 metres tall.
Oranges and lemons are citrus fruit.
Their creations include giant dinosaurs and huge bananas.
There is a huge parade of floats that carry the statues.
In the evening people gather to watch colourful Fireworks in the sky.
There is a different theme each year.
The artists can really let their imaginations run wild and create unusual statues.
Name of festival: Lemon Festival
Place: Menton, south of France
Date: every February to March
Reason: to celebrate their lemons and oranges
Activities: creating giant fruit statues, visit the Citrus Exposition and see statues, buy local products, watch the Parade of Golden Fruit, watch night parades with music and dancers and fireworks
A Lemon Festival takes place every year from February to March in the town of Menton in the south of France. People celebrate their lemons and oranges. It is a huge event with a different theme every year. You can see artists creating giant sculptures made from oranges and lemons, visit the Citrus Exposition and admire the statues, buy local products, and watch the Parade of Golden Fruit. There are also night parades with dancers and fantastic fireworks.
It’s a great opportunity to buy local products made from citrus fruit. You also get to see some really interesting works of art. Some of the statues are over 10 metres tall, so they are really impressive. Also, there are parades with music and dancers. I think the festival would be a lot of fun.
Name of festival: Shrimp Festival (Fite de la Crevette)
Place: Honfleur, France
Date: October
Reason: to celebrate the history of the port
Activities: 2-day festival, the little grey shrimp (the queen of the festival), shrimp-peeling competition, all types of seafood, musical performances, gathering of old sea vessels in the port
Fete de la Crevette, the Shrimp Festival, takes place in Honfleur, France, in October. It’s a popular event that attracts many visitors to this old style port. The 2-day festival celebrates the port’s history with the sea. Visitors to the festival can see and do a lot of things. They can see the little grey shrimp, the queen of the festival, and a gathering of old sea vessels in the port. They can watch musical performances of sea shanties and try all types of seafood, but the highlight of the festival is the shrimp peeling competition. It’s a great festival where everybody has a lot of fun.
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