Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 2e

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My favourite type of food is Italian food like spaghetti and pizza. I eat it about once a week. I think Italian food is usually quite healthy but you shouldn’t eat pizza too often because it’s got a lot of fat in it.
Jamie Oliver is an English celebrity chef. He stars in several TV shows. He also goes on tour and teaches people about food and how to cook healthy food.
1 C
2 A
3 E
4 В
celebrity (n): someone who is famous
chef (n): a cook in a restaurant or hotel
recipe (n): a list of ingredients and instructions telling you howto cook sth
campaign (n): activities people carry out in order to achieve sth over time
healthy (adj): good for you
meal (n): the food you eat on a particular occasion
habit (n): sth you do often
kitchen (n): a room used for cooking and chores like washing dishes
popular (adj): enjoyed or liked by many people
reduce (v): to make sth smaller in size or amount
disease (n): an illness
1 recipe
2 healthy
3 celebrity
4 popular
5 reduce
1 d
2 e
3 a
4 b
5 c
Jamie Oliver teaches people to cook healthy meals.
It’s important to buy and cook with fresh produce.
Huntington’s Kitchen offers free cooking lessons.
Jamie Oliver is a popular celebrity chef.
Eating healthily can reduce diseases.
too much fat / sugar, not enough healthy food
1 too
2 enough
3 too
4 too
5 enough
Yes, I would like to attend one of Jamie’s cooking classes. I often watch Jamie on TV and I think he’s a fantastic chef. Also, I sometimes make his recipes at home and I think his food is delicious. I think it would be fun and interesting to see him in person and learn how to cook something healthy with him.
One healthy meal that I like to make is fish pie. To make it, you need different kinds of fish and seafood like cod, salmon and prawns, white sauce, lemon juice, parsley and mashed potatoes to put on top of the fish mixture. You can also add a vegetable like peas to the sauce and fish mixture. As well as being healthy, this is also a really delicious meal.
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