Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 2f

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1 red meat – iron and protein
2 fruit juice – sugar
3 poached egg – protein and vitamins
4 chocolate-sugar and fat
5 salad – vitamins and minerals
6 cola – sugar
7 fried egg – protein, vitamins, fat
8 mayonnaise – fat, sugar and salt
1 C (fruit juices, glass of cola)
2 A (healthy salad, instead of using heavy…)
3 G (read the whole label)
4 D (chocolate, positive effect)
5 F (try frying them in olive oil instead of butter)
6 В (trim off fat, lean meat)
contain (v): to have inside
vitamin (n): a natural substance in food needed for good health (e.g. vitamin А, В, C, etc.)
mineral (n): a substance in food needed for good health (e.g. iron)
creamy (adj): having a thick smooth texture
salad dressing (n): a sauce for salads
vinegar (n): acetic acid used to flavour food
olive oil (n): a liquid made from olives and used in cooking
fat-free (adj): having no fat
low-fat (adj): having little fat
label (n): the piece of paper on a product that gives information about it
flavour (n): taste
benefit (n): advantage
lower (v): to reduce
cholesterol (n): a substance found in your blood (having too much of it could cause heart disease)
source (n): the place where you get sth from
iron (n): an element essential for good health which occurs in blood and food
protein (n): a substance found in food such as meat, eggs, fish, cheese, etc. that we need to grow and be healthy
lean (adj): not having very much fat
1 have, cook
2 to order, make
3 to help, preparing
4 eat
5 to eat, go, to buy
6 to go, join
7 to take, worrying
8 to ask, helping
1 to bake
2 adding
3 to go
4 shopping
5 to eat
6 eating
7 to turn
8 meeting
9 to tell
10 telling
2 I don’t mind helping with the housework.
3 I’m tired of eating the same food all the time.
4 I can’t stand cooking eggs.
5 I can bake well.
6 I’d rather not try sushi.
I knew that fruit juice has a lot of sugar. I also knew that salads and eggs are healthy. I didn’t know that good quality dark chocolate can lower your cholesterol.
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