Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 2h

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Hi, Great to hear from you! (informal greeting), So, you want to know … (everyday expression), Well, it’s a traditional dish…, it’s very popular…, It’s very easy… (short forms), Hope you can try it one day! (omitted pronoun), How about you?, Write soon! (informal closing remarks)
А 3
В 1
C 2
1 spicy
2 salty
3 creamy
4 delicious
5 sweet
1 an email
2 my English pen friend
3 information about my favourite dish from my country (ingredients, how to make it and what it tastes like)
4 80-100 words
Hi Georgia,
How are you? So, you want to know about my favourite dish from my country? Well, it’s a dish called pelmeni and it’s very popular here in Russia.
Pelmeni is almost like ravioli. It’s a little dumpling filled with meat. First, you make a soft dough with flour and water. Then you make little parcels from the dough and fill them with your meat mixture. You boil them for a few minutes and serve them with sour cream! They are delicious. You should try them!
How about you? What’s your favourite dish?
Write soon!
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