Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 2i

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head, arm, leg, hand, foot, nose, ear, eye, shoulder, back, elbow, knee, mouth, chin, hair, finger, toe, nail, stomach, eyebrow, forehead.
The Brain: green vegetables, oily fish, cereals, bread, pasta
Muscles: meat, fish, eggs
Bones: milk, cheese, yogurt
The Skin: fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals, oily fish
command (v): to direct, to control
nervous system (n): the network of nerves that runs through the body
control (v): to have power over sth
behaviour (n): the way sb acts
energy (n): the power to be physically and mentally active
fat (n): oily or greasy substance found in plants and animals that is very high in energy
oily (adj): containing a lot of oil or fat
carbohydrate (n): substance found in foods like cereals and potatoes that provides a lot of energy
breathe (v): to take air in and out of the lungs
pump blood (phr): (of the heart) to send blood around the body
digest (v): (of the body) to break down the food we eat
repair (v): to mend
muscle (n): a tissue in the body that helps us move
protein (n): a substance found in foods like meat and eggs that builds muscles
bone (n): a hard part inside your body that is part of your skeleton
support (v): to hold sth together
protect (v): to take care of
calcium (n): a substance found in foods like milk and cheese that is good for teeth and bones
sense of touch (n): the ability to feel things
Organ / Body part: What to eat to keep it healthy
muscles: meat, fish, eggs;
bones: milk, cheese, yogurt;
the skin: fruit and vegetables, nuts, cereals, oily fish.
Our brain commands our nervous system and the way we behave. To keep it healthy we should eat green vegetables, oily fish and carbohydrates like cereals, bread and pasta.
The muscles are very important because they control our movements. Muscles need food that is high in protein, like meat, fish and eggs.
Bones give our bodies the support they need. To keep them healthy we should eat dairy products, including milk, cheese and yogurt.
Our skin protects our bodies and gives us our sense of touch. To keep it healthy we should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as nuts, cereals and oily fish.
The eyes are the body’s camera. The light passes through the lens and the eye then ‘records’ a picture on the back part, called the retina. The retina sends a message to the brain and the brain tells you what you actually see. For healthy eyes we should eat food with lots of vitamins, like carrots, spinach, oranges, kiwi fruit and tomatoes.
The heart pumps about 70 millilitres of blood around our bodies with each beat. That’s about 1,900 gallons of blood per day! Green vegetables like spinach, olive oil and oily fish, nuts and oats are all good for the heart.
Healthy hair needs foods like beans, chicken, eggs and nuts. They provide proteins and minerals to keep our hair shiny and strong. It protects our head from extremes of heat and cold.
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