Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 3. Skills

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radio news report, bank robbery, robber, went into bank (entered the back), green bag (green rucksack), escape (get away), train (train station), casually dressed (scruffy, wearing jeans), weren’t many people (few people), Mary terrified (scared, frightened)
1 F
2 F
3 T
4 F
5 F
Words / phrases I heard: entered the bank, train station, wearing jeans, scared, frightened.
Fast – in one minute
Food – ate, meal, breakfast
1 C
2 E
3 H
4 I
5 F
6 A
1 … whether 4 o’clock next Tuesday is suitable
2 … what special equipment you supply
3 … what your best achievements so far are
things you plan to talk about: how I became a professional athlete, sports achievements, personal qualities of an athlete, training schedule
equipment for giving the talk: microphone, podium, slide projector and screen (with remote control)
date / time: Monday, 3rd June, 2 pm
age and sports interests of pupils: 11-16, football, hockey, basketball, swimming
A: Thank you so much for agreeing to come.
B: No problem. When would you like me to do it?
A: Well, whatever date is best for you from 25th to 30th May or between 3rd and 5th June at 2 in the afternoon. Is that convenient?
B: Yes. 3rd June is good for me because I am not training then. Can you tell me about the ages and sports interests of the students I’ll work with?
A: Of course. The students are all aged from 11-16 and they take part in football, hockey, basketball or swimming. May I suggest that you talk a bit about your family and home life a little? I think the students will find that interesting.
B: I’d like to keep my personal life private and I think the students will benefit much more from hearing about how I became a professional athlete, my sports achievements, what I believe are the necessary personal qualities of an athlete and so on. Will you have a microphone and a podium set up? Also, I will need a slide projector and a screen.
A: Of course. Will you need anything else?
В: I would like a remote control for the projector.
A: No problem. Well, then I look forward to seeing you on 3rd June at 2 pm. Please call me if you have any other questions.
B: Yes, thank you. Goodbye.
1 date and place person was born
2 school(s) attended
3 university education
4 job / occupation
5 achievements
6 date and place person died
Dear Mayor Johnson,
I would like to suggest that you name the park after the famous physicist and chemist Marie Curie.
She was born on 7th November, 1867 in Warsaw. After boarding school, she became a governess to help pay for her sister’s education. Later, she went to university in Paris and got degrees in Physics and Maths. Marie and her husband, Pierre, discovered Polonium and Radium and Marie developed a theory of radioactivity. She won the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry.
Marie Curie was a scientific pioneer and an inspirational woman. I think she is a very good choice to name the park after.
Yours sincerely,
Anna Smith.
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