Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 3b

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– Genghis Khan was an Asian warrior.
– Marco Polo was an Italian explorer.
– Manco Сараc was a South American leader.
– Julius Caesar was a Roman ruler.
– Tutankhamun was an Egyptian king.
– Alexander the Great was a Macedonian king.
lead (v): to be in charge of, to govern
fight against armies (phr): to battle against groups of people in war
explore (v): to travel, for the purpose of discovery
land (n): territory, country or region
win a place in history (phr): to be widely remembered after many years
empire (n): a group of countries ruled over by a leader called an emperor
according to legend (phr): as shown / stated by an old and possibly true story
poisoned (adj): containing a harmful or deadly substance
bite (v): to grip or cut into with teeth
stab (v): to pierce into with a pointed weapon / object
conquer (v): to take by force, usually using armies
win a battle (phr): to succeed in defeating sb or an army in battle
1 C
2 A
3 C
4 В
5 A
6 C
Irregular verbs have their own past simple forms. Each verb is different.
To form the negative of the past simple with irregular verbs, we use didn’t + the base form of the verb. To form the interrogative, we use did + subject + the base form of the verb.
2 fought (I)
3 explored (R)
4 did(I)
5 won (I)
6 started (R)
7 discovered (R)
8 built (I)
9 travelled (R)
10 set out (I)
11 died(R)
12 ate(I)
13 bit(I)
14 stabbed (R)
15 came(I)
16 saw(I)
17 conquered (I)
18 was(I)
1 became (I)
2 ruled
3 died
4 buried
5 found (I)
6 had (I)
7 opened
8 got (I)
9 ate(I)
10 happened
2 Carter didn’t find the tomb 2,000 years after Tut’s death. He found it 3,000 years after Tut’s death.
3 The tomb didn’t have a beautiful silver mask inside. It had a beautiful gold mask inside it.
4 Carter didn’t die soon after finding the tomb. One of Carter’s men died soon after finding the tomb.
5 A cobra didn’t eat Carter’s pet dog. It ate Carter’s pet bird.
2 Did Cleopatra speak Greek? Yes, she did.
3 Did Alexander the Great begin the war against Persia in 334 BC? Yes, he did.
4 Did Genghis Khan have two sons? No, he didn’t.
5 Did Marco Polo grow up in Venice? Yes, he did.
Which empire did Genghis Khan start? When did he return home? Who said “I came, I saw, I conquered.”? How old was Alexander the Great when he died?
B: How long did he rule Egypt?
A: Nine years. When did he die?
B: At the age of 18. Where did the people bury him?
A: In the Valley of the Kings in southern Egypt. When did Howard Carter find his tomb?
B: Over 3,000 years later, in 1922. What did the tomb have inside it?
A: It had a lot of treasures, including a beautiful gold mask. What happened after Carter opened the tomb?
B: One of his men died. What happened to Carter’s pet bird?
A: A cobra ate it.
B: Why do people believe these things happened?
A: Because of a terrible ancient curse.
1 Who was Anne Boleyn married to?
A Philip II
В Louis XIV
C Henry VIII
2 Which island did Napoleon Bonaparte live in exile on from 1814 to 1815?
A Patmos
В Corsica
C Sicily
3 Which American president abolished slavery?
A Abraham Lincoln
В George Washington
C Thomas Jefferson
4 What was James Cook famous for discovering?
A Australia
В America
C Africa
5 What was William Shakespeare’s job?
A a painter
В a scientist
C a writer
6 Where was Mozart born?
A Germany
B Austria
C Belgium
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