Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 3c

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A group of people who left England to start a new life in North America.
1 F (They sailed to North America from England.)
2 T
3 F (It took 66 days.)
4 T
5 T
6 F (They had a big celebration the next autumn.)
7 F (They taught them how to fish, hunt and grow crops, such as corn.)
Pilgrims (n): a group of people who left England and settled in North America in 1620
sail (v): to travel by ship or boat
newly discovered (adj): recently found out
land (n): a place / territory
ship (n): a very large boat
captain (n): the leader of the ship
voyage (n): a long journey on a ship
ill (adj): sick
settle (v): to set up / to establish residence in a new place
survive (v): to stay alive
native (n): (of an American) sb that belongs to one of the groups that lived in North America before Europeans arrived
hunt (v): to search for animals to use for food
crop (n): a plant such as wheat and rice that people grow for food
corn (n): a type of crop that has yellow seeds called kernels, also called maize
celebrate (v): to do sth enjoyable because of a special event
feast (n): a large meal, usually shared by many people
harvest (n): the crops gathered in a season
celebration (n): a party or gathering
tradition (n): a custom that has existed for a long time
1 Pilgrims
2 sailed
3 newly discovered
4 voyage
5 settled
6 survive
7 hunt
8 crops
9 harvest
10 feast
About a year ago a ship arrived carrying a big group of people. They spoke a strange language and wore strange clothes. We were scared at first, but not any more. We even helped them to plant crops and hunt on our land. They had a big feast to celebrate the harvest and they invited us.
A traditional celebration in my country is Canada Day. This celebrates the day that Canada became a nation. Every year on July 1st people celebrate with their friends and family with picnics, barbecues, fireworks, parades and more. It is a national holiday so schools and businesses close for the day.
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