Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 3e

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1 D
2 E
3 А
4 C
5 В
6 F
look like (v): to be similar to
long (adj): not short
neck (n): a body part that connects the head to the shoulders
wing (n): one of the parts of a bird / plane that helps it fly
magical powers (pl n): special, supernatural abilities
human (n): a person, a human being
huge (adj): very large
terrify (v): to scare sb a lot
horn (n): a hard, pointed body part attached to the head of an animal
breathe fire (phr): to make fire come out of the mouth
half (adj): one of two (nearly) equal parts
Once there was a boy called Jack. Jack and his mother were very poor so Jack went to market to sell their last cow. He only got five beans for it and his mother was very angry. She threw the beans out of the window. The next morning, there was a huge beanstalk outside, reaching up into the clouds. Jack climbed to the top and found a giant’s castle. The giant smelt the boy, but his wife hid the boy until he could escape. She also gave him some gold coins. The next time Jack went up the beanstalk, he stole a goose that laid golden eggs. On the last visit, Jack took a magic harp that could talk. It called out to the giant for help. The giant chased Jack down the beanstalk, but Jack cut down the beanstalk with an axe. The giant fell and died. After that, Jack was rich and he lived happily with his mother.
The first myth is about a giant called Bolster who terrified people. He fell in love with a girl and ended up dying for her. The second myth is about a mermaid called lara. A man went fishing with his father. She sang to him and pulled him under the water to be with her.
legend (n): a story from the past that is not proven to be true
terrifying (adj): very scary
mysterious (adj): puzzling, strange
tale (n): story
step (n): a movement made by lifting up one foot and putting it down again or the distance covered by this movement
hilltop (n): the highest part of a small mountain
tip (n): the pointed end
terrify (v): to cause others to be scared or fearful
steal (v): to take sth from sb without their permission
fall in love (phr): to start having feelings of love for sb
get rid of (phr): to do sth to make sb leave because they are annoying or unwanted
for good (phr): finally and forever, permanently
win (v): to gain
fill up (phr v): to make sth become full
hole (n): an opening / cavity in sth solid
cliff (n): a high and steep face of rock
blood (n): a red liquid that the heart pumps through the body
lead (down) (v): to go in a particular direction be the end of (phr): to not exist anymore, to not be a problem anymore
stain (n): a dirty or discoloured spot
hut (n): a small, simple shelter (usually with one or two rooms)
float (v): to stay on top of liquid without sinking
grab (v): to take or grasp sth suddenly
dive (v): to jump headfirst into deep water
to this day (phr): until now
deep (adj): being far beneath the top
lock (v): to secure sth using a key
far away (phr): at a great distance from
1 travel from hilltop to hilltop / six miles in one step
2 Cornwall, England
3 asked her to marry him
4 all his blood
5 his dream
6 into the water
7 the sad song of lara (the mermaid)
A: Where did Bolster the giant live?
B: In Cornwall on the southwestern tip of England. What did he steal?
A: He stole sheep. Who did he fall in love with?
B: A girl called Agnes. What did he ask her?
A: He asked her to marry him. Did Agnes want to?
B: No, she didn’t. What did she do?
A: She asked him to fill a small hole with his blood. Did he do it?
B: Yes, he did. Where did the hole lead?
A: It led to the sea. What happened next?
B: He lost all his blood and died. Is this a popular legend?
A: Yes, it is. People say you can still see a red stain on the cliffs.
A: Where did lara the mermaid come from?
B: Brazil. Where did she live?
A: In the Amazon River. What did the young man dream about?
B: A beautiful woman singing a sad song. Where did he go the next day?
A: He went fishing. What did he see?
B: He saw the woman from his dream. What did she do?
A: She sang to him. What did he do?
B: He went towards her. What happened?
A: She grabbed him and pulled him under the water. What happened after that?
B: His father never saw him again. What do people say today?
A: They say they can sometimes see a mermaid in the water. What do they do if they hear lara’s sad song?
B: They lock their doors and stay away from the river.
1 far away
2 grabbed
3 terrified
4 legend
5 get rid of
6 lock
Bolster the giant lived in Cornwall, England. He was huge and he could walk from one hilltop to the other. He terrified the local people and stole sheep. One day, he met a girl called Agnes and fell in love with her. He asked her to marry him. Agnes didn’t want to. She made a plan to get rid of him. She told him to go to a cliff and fill up a hole with his blood. The giant lost all his blood in the sea and died. Agnes was then free.
A young man had a dream one night. He saw a beautiful young woman singing a sad song. The next day, he went out in a fishing boat with his father. He saw the woman from his dream singing to him. She was a mermaid and she grabbed him and pulled him into the water. His father never saw him again.
unhappy – sad
strange – mysterious
unsafe – dangerous
tiny – small
gorgeous – beautiful
scary – terrifying
wicked – evil
well-known – popular
I don’t think that the stories are true. I think people made these stories up for fun. People in the past didn’t have television or cinema, so they made up stories instead.
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