Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 3f

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Last month someone vandalised a statue in the town centre. We were angry.
I think the text is about the theft of a precious artwork (the Mona Lisa) from a museum.
guard (n): a person who protects sb / sth
reopen its doors (phr): to open to the public again after having been closed for some time
(someone) entered (v): (someone) got into a room or a building
unhooked from the wall (phr): removed from the wall (by undoing the hooks)
carried (it) off (phr v): took it away
thief escaped (phr): person who stole sth got away
precious artwork (n): a valuable piece of art
huge international search (n): an organised manhunt around the world
clue (n): an object or piece of information that helps to solve a crime
committed the crime (phr): did the illegal act
guard on duty (phr): the person who was working to protect sb / sth at a certain time
left his post (phr): (of a guard, etc.) went away from the place which they were supposed to guard
unlocked the door (phr): opened the door with a key
attempted to sell (phr): tried to get sb to buy sth
(police) caught (v): police arrested
served a sentence (phr): went to prison for a period of time
1 В (before reopening its door to the public on Tuesday)
2 В (it wasn’t until the following day)
3 A (was hiding… within the museum)
4 C (in his small Paris flat)
5 C (Florence…caught Peruggia)
1 removed
2 admitted
3 committed
4 inspire
5 catch
6 unhooked
7 assume
8 hurry
9 resides
10 attempt
were working, was shooting, was hiding.
1 was reading
2 were looking
3 was waving, (was) shouting
4 Were… watching
5 was shining, was blowing
I visited a museum yesterday morning.
Last Wednesday afternoon, I was doing my homework.
The last time I travelled abroad was a week ago.
While I was playing computer games last night, the lights went out.
At 8 o’clock last night I was watching TV.
I was playing computer games when the ground started shaking.
On that Monday, I went to work as usual. I noticed the Mona Lisa wasn’t on the wall, but I assumed, like everyone else, that the official photographer was taking photographs of it. It wasn’t until Tuesday morning when the painting still wasn’t back that I thought something was wrong. I asked the photographer if he had it. When he said no, I started to panic. I told the head of security and he called the police. Everyone was very worried and upset. We couldn’t understand where the Mona Lisa was!
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