Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 3i

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Christopher Columbus was an explorer. He lived in the 15th century and he is famous for discovering the New World.
Where was Columbus from? (Genoa, Italy) How many voyages did he make? (5) What things did he bring back with him from his voyages? (plants, gold, cloth, ornaments and other riches)
weaver (n): a person whose job is to make baskets or cloth out of threads or strips
southern (adj): located in the south
tip (n): the pointed end of sth
sail (v): to travel by boat or ship
trade route (n): a passage of travel used by merchants and traders
supplies (n pl): things, like food and materials, needed to do sth
sailing ship (n): large boat with sails
import (v): to bring in goods from a foreign land in order to sell them
gold (n): a type of yellow metal that is used to make jewellery or coins
spice (n): a type of powder / seed that comes from plants, used to give food flavour
cloth (n): a woven material, like cotton or silk, that people use to make clothing and blankets
ornament (n): an object people use to decorate
explore (v): to travel with the aim of discovering sth
coast (n): the part of land that is next to the sea
importance (n): significance
brilliant (adj): great, amazing
brave (adj): showing or feeling no fear, having courage
sailor (n): a person who works on a ship
1 C
2 A
3 E
4 В
expensive things – riches
left by boat – set sail
love – passion
journey by sea – voyage
aughed at – made
fun of way – route
bring in – import
We had a long tiring voyage and sailed through a terrible storm. It took ten long weeks to get there, but the New World was an amazing place. We saw long sandy beaches and palm trees. We met the natives there and they seemed friendly. I saw some strange plants. I didn’t know what they’re called, but Columbus wanted to bring some back home. He was very happy when we arrived in India. He is a very brave man and loves exploring.
Francis Drake was born in Devon, England in 1544. He started his sea career when he was a young boy. He had his own ship at the age of 20.
In 1567, Drake made one of his first voyages, with his cousin John Hawkins, to San Juan de Ulua in Mexico. There, the Spanish defeated him. He decided to take revenge by attacking and stealing Spanish treasure.
In 1577, queen Elizabeth I sent him on an expedition against Spanish colonies on the American Pacific coast. He successfully defeated Spanish ships and became the first Englishman to navigate the Straits of Magellan.
Drake’s most famous battle was the Battle of Gravelines in 1588, when he defeated the Spanish Armada.
Drake became a knight, a mayor and an MP (Member of Parliament). He was a hero to the English. In 1596, at the age of 55, he died of a disease on board his ship near Panama.
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