Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4. Skills

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1 grammar structure
2 lexical item
1 B
2 C
1 D
2 В
3 D
4 C
5 A
6 A
Customer: So what type of accommodation is available at the holiday village?
Travel agent: Well, there are different types of self-catering flats; one sleeps two and the other sleeps up to five people. There are also caravans which are a lot cheaper.
Customer: Oh, really? That’s good for us because we want to book something that’s reasonably priced. Now, my parents and I really enjoy water sports and swimming. What types of activities are available at the village?
Travel agent: There are actually over 100 different indoor and outdoor activities, including quite a few water sports. There are two Olympic-sized pools, one indoor and one outdoor, including a wave machine and slide, and a huge lake where you can sail, wind-surf, canoe and try other water sports.
Customer: Right. That sounds like fun. Now what about equipment? Do you have to bring any of your own?
Travel agent: No, the village has very good equipment such as windsurfers and scuba diving equipment and its use is all included in the price of the holiday.
Customer: That’s great. Lastly, can you tell me how much a week at the village costs if you stay in a caravan?
Travel agent: Certainly. For a week in a caravan that sleeps up to four and access to all the activities at the village, it’s ?460 per person.
Customer: OK, that’s OK. I think I’d like to book, please.
Travel agent: OK, great.
1 C
2 В
3 А
4 E
5 B
a 3
b 1
c 4
d 2
e 4
We are going… Would you like to come…? My family…
We could go skiing / snowboarding, etc..
You should bring … You will need…
Dear Lisa,
How are you? I’m excited right now because my family and I are planning a winter holiday in our mountain cabin from Ist-15th December. It’s near a really nice ski resort and I’d really like you to come.
There will be me, my parents and my brother, Hans, staying in the cabin, but there is plenty of room for you. We can go skiing, snowboarding and sledging. It’ll be great fun!
You’ll need to bring warm clothes, a ski jacket, waterproof trousers, a hat and gloves. The flight costs around ?250 with Swiss Airlines. I really hope you’ll come. Write back soon and let me know.
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