Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4a

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1 I
2 D
3 А
4 E
5 F
6 H
7 J
8 G
9 C
10 В
I’d like to learn scuba diving because I think it’s exciting / fun. I’d like to do archery because I think it’s interesting. I’d like to go trekking because I think it’s fun. I wouldn’t like to drive a quad bike because I think it’s difficult / dangerous. I wouldn’t like to climb walls because I think it’s difficult. I wouldn’t like to play paintball because I think it’s scary.
learn scuba diving, go windsurfing / sailing, go trekking, do archery, play paintball.
1 F (a family holiday)
2 T
3 F (… indoor and outdoor activities)
4 F (learn how to scuba dive with an instructor…)
5 T
legendary (ad)): famous & described in old & popular stories that may be true
champion (n): someone who has won first prize in a competition, contest or fight
stunning (ad)): very beautiful or impressive
landscape (n): what you see when you look across an area of land e.g. trees, hills, rivers, buildings
bubbles (pl n): small balls of air or gas in liquid
subtropical (ad)): with a warm, wet climate (often near tropical regions)
wave (n): raised mass of water on the surface of the sea or ocean caused by the wind or tides
rapids (pl n): a section of river where water moves very fast, maybe over rocks
take the plunge (phr): decide to do something difficult or risky
trekking (n): walking across a difficult terrain
identify (v): to name something or to say what it is
falconry (n): the skill of training falcons (a bird of prey) to hunt
medieval art (n): paintings, sculpture or other objects from between the end of the Roman Empire in 476 AD and about 1500 AD
creep (v): to move quietly and slowly
Examples in text:
You’ll have the time of your life., You’ll have bubbles of fun…, …who will teach you all about…,… you’ll feel the thrill…, …where you’ll creep through the forest…, …you’ll have great fun….
1 will have (prediction)
2 will teach (information about the future)
3 will turn (on-the-spot decision)
4 will come (on-the-spot decision)
5 will enjoy (prediction)
6 won’t miss (prediction)
Will you go windsurfing? Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.
Will you drive a quad bike? Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.
Will you go trekking? Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.
Will you play paintball? Yes, I will. / No, I won’t., etc..
1 outdoor
2 activity
3 holiday
4 legendary
5 forest
6 stunning
7 archery
8 laser
I will take sailing lessons on the beautiful lake, I will go trekking through the forest with a ranger and I’ll learn all about the history of the trees. I’ll also try archery and creep through the forest spotting targets to shoot at. I’ll have a lot of fun!
My perfect activity holiday is an activity tour in South America. Firstly, I will fly to La Paz in Bolivia. Then, I will visit the ancient ruins at Tiwanaku. After this, I will mountain bike down Camino de la Muerte, a very dangerous road. Then, I’ll take a short flight to the Yacuma River and I’ll swim with piranha fish. After that, I’ll fly to Santiago in Chile. There, I’ll bike ride to the top of San Cristobal Hill. Then, I’ll travel to the Andes Mountains. I will climb a snowy volcano and stay at a lakeside resort before heading back home. I’ll have the time of my life!
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