Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4b

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1 shop
2 sunbathe
3 stay
4 take
5 go
6 try
7 enjoy
8 visit
9 go
Dina is in Krasnaya Polyana.
I think she will go snowboarding and skiing.
enjoy yourself (phr): to have a good time
snowy (adj): covered in snow (often the landscape)
have a great time (phr): to enjoy yourself or to have a good time
guess what (phr): to predict
birch (n): a type of tree that is tall with thin branches
1 cold and snowy
2 snowboarding (through a birch forest)
3 skiing
4 some Olympic skiers
5 a week
I usually try the local food while on holiday. I go sightseeing and visit museums and art galleries. I also try to visit historical sites.
I don’t usually spend my time on the beach when I am on holiday. I don’t stay in hotels. I don’t go dog sledding on holiday, etc..
1 d
2 a
3 c
4 b
5 f
6 e
1 will call (on-the-spot decision)
2 is going to go (prediction based on what we see)
3 will visit (prediction based on what we think)
4 are travelling (fixed arrangement in the near future)
5 are taking (fixed arrangement in the near future)
6 is going to swim (prediction based on what we see)
1 is
2 will show
3 go
4 will they be
5 finish
1 If you heat ice, it melts. (Type 0)
2 Unless she calls, I’ve won’t leave. (Type 1)
3 If I were you, I’d go on the adventure tour. (Type 2)
4 If you leave metal out in the rain, it rusts. (Type 0)
5 If she had more free time, she’d join a gym. (Type 2)
6 She would travel abroad if she had enough money. (Type 2)
7 If I were you, I wouldn’t try this dish. (Type 2)
8 We’ll go to the beach if it doesn’t rain. (Type 1)
1 you get four. (Type 0)
2 you’ll love it. (Type 1)
3 I’d ask for their autograph. (Type 2)
4 we’ll go to the beach. (Type 1)
S1: If you go to Krasnaya Polyana, you’ll go snowboarding through a birch forest.
S2: If you go to Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort, you will go skiing.
S3: If you go skiing, you will see some Olympic skiers.
S1: If I had more free time, I’d join a gym.
S2: If I joined a gym, I’d make new friends.
S3: If I made new friends, we’d go out together.
S4: If we went out together, we’d have a great time, etc..
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