Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4c

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Yellowstone National Park covers three states, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. A tourist can see thermal pools, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls and lots of amazing wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. A tourist can also go hiking there.
cover (v): to spread over the surface of sth
state (n): a part of a country that has been divided by borders
on top of (prep phr): to be at the highest point of sth
thermal pool (n): a pool of warm water that is heated naturally from the earth
geyser (n): a natural spring of hot water, geysers usually spurt water and steam into the air
hot spring (n): a spring of water which is warm due to the heat under the earth’s surface
erupt (v): to force out of sth with a lot of pressure
into the air (prep phr): off the ground
sight (n): sth interesting that a lot of people want to see
canyon (n): a deep valley with high, steep sides
deep (adj): not shallow
hiking trail (n): a path that is suitable for walking or hiking
spectacular view (n): a beautiful sight from a certain point
impressive (adj): amazing
waterfall (n): a place where water falls off the edge of a steep cliff or mountain
watch out for (phr v): to be careful
wildlife (n): wild animals and rare plants
wolf(n): a wild dog-like animal
elk (n): a large moose-like animal with a heavy body and antlers
bison (n): an animal like a bull or a buffalo with long hair
grizzly bear (n): a wild bear that is brown in colour
scientist (n): a person who works in the field of science
destroy (v): to ruin or to spoil completely
1 YS
4 YS
5 OF
A: What makes Yellowstone National Park so special?
B: What makes it so special is that a large part of it is on top of a huge volcano!
A: Are there any geysers in Yellowstone National Park?
B: Yes, there are. The most famous one is called Old Faithful and it erupts every 90 minutes.
A: What can you see in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone?
B: You can see some incredible waterfalls and lots of amazing wildlife.
A: Is the Yellowstone super volcano going to erupt soon?
B: No one knows. Some scientists think that an eruption will happen soon.
1 thermal
2 hot
3 erupts
4 deep
5 hiking
6 grizzly
7 impressive
I want to visit Yellowstone National Park because I can see grizzly bears there.
I want to visit Yellowstone National Park because there are hot springs there, etc..
The Lake District
The Lake District National Park is England’s largest national park. It is 2292 km2 and has got some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. It consists of mountains, lakes and forests. Over 42,000 people live inside the park and almost 16 million visitors enjoy its sights and activities throughout the year.
Lake Windermere
The Lake District is famous for its lakes. It has got over 16 of them. Lake Windermere is the largest lake in the park. At 10.5 miles long it is also the largest lake in England. You can enjoy rowing, sailing, windsurfing and fishing on the lake. Also, be on the look out for toads, birds, deer and other wildlife that make this national park their home.
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