Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4e

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1 C
2 D
3 E
4 В
5 A
The text is about an underwater park with sculptures.
sculptures (n): statues
diving (part): swimming underwater
snorkelling (v): swimming with a snorkel
below the waves (phr): underneath the water
sea creatures (n): animals that live in the sea
share (v): to use the same space / object
underwater (adj): under the surface of the water
life-size sculptures (n): statues that are the same size and proportion as the real thing
cyclists (n): people who ride bikes
sculptor (n): a person who make sculptures
cast a statue (v): to make a statue
local people (n): people living in the local area
recognise (v): to be familiar with sth
encourage (v): to give support and persuade sb to do sth, or act in a certain way
think about (the environment) (v): to consider
pollution (n): poisoning of water (air or land)
damage (v): to harm
coral reefs (n): areas under the sea where coral grows
create statues (v): to make statues
cement (n): a hard material used to build houses, statues, etc..
attract (v): to draw close
grow (v): to live and increase in size and age
flippers (n): shoe-like footwear with long paddle extending from the toes which help with underwater swimming
stunning (adj): beautiful, amazing and visually attractive
1 В (lines 6-7)
2 A (lines 8-9)
3 В (lines 10-14)
4 В (lines 17-19)
1 sculptures
2 flippers
3 local people
4 damage
5 attract
6 sea creatures
7 grow
8 Pollution, environment
1 encourage
2 beautiful
3 attracts
4 bottom
5 below
6 near
7 damaging
8 largest
9 put on
10 damaged
might:… might not believe their eyes, …so divers might even see someone…,
(will) probably:… you probably won’t be able…
2 The underwater park could attract 750,000 visitors per year.
3 We may go snorkeling this afternoon.
4 Coral will probably grow on the sculptures in the underwater park soon.
5 We might swim to the park today.
6 We’ll definitely go to Cancun next weekend.
Reason 1: You should visit this park because it is the largest underwater sculpture park in the world.
Reason 2: You should visit this park because you will get to see a very clever way in which people are trying to conserve coral reefs.
The park is important because it protects sea life. It attracts sea creatures and encourages coral to grow on the statues. It also encourages people to think about the environment.
Dear Alex,
Guess what! I am in Cancun, Mexico. It’s amazing here. Tomorrow, I am going to visit the world’s largest underwater sculpture park! I’ll put on some snorkeling gear and swim out to an underwater park full of life-size statues. There are hundreds of sculptures of people and animals. The sculptor made the statues to attract sea creatures and encourage coral to grow on them. I’ll definitely have a great time. I can’t wait!
See you,
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