Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4f

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In my city there is a large zoo and a huge market. There are peaceful gardens and cosy restaurants. There are traditional houses but there aren’t any tall skyscrapers. There isn’t a long bridge either.
Reading & Listening
1 What can you do in Sydney?
You can take a ferry across the harbor, visit the Sydney Opera House, go shopping, visit the zoo and the Chinese Garden.
2 What can you see in Sydney?
You can see the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.
3 Where can you eat in Sydney?
You can eat at one of Sydney’s many seafood restaurants.
1 F (take a Harbour Highlights Cruise)
2 A (discover the stars, identify stars, why the moon is…)
3 В (home to 2,600 animals …, opportunity to see animals such as tigers, giraffes …, get a feel for the jungle)
4 C (treasure hunt, real Captain Jack Sparrow, treasure chest of goodies)
5 E (in love with the water, feel like doing some water sports, surfing, head down to surfer’s paradise, good surf schools, enjoy the thrill of surfing)
cosmopolitan (adj): sophisticated and open-minded
atmosphere (n): general impression you get of a place
splendours (n pl): beautiful and impressive features
cultural (adj): related to the arts
historic (adj): important in history
majestic (adj): beautiful and impressive
treasure hunt (n): search for valuable old objects that are hidden or lost
goodies (n pl): pleasant or attractive things
spirit (n): attitude
paradise (n): perfect place
1 pleasant
2 school
3 heritage
4 treasure
5 historic
6 water
You should visit Sydney because it is a beautiful city with lots to offer. You can visit the famous Sydney Opera House. You can go visit the observatory and find out about the stars and moon. You can also visit Taronga Zoo, which is one of the largest zoos in the world.
1 a,-
2 the, –
3 a,-,-
4 а, -, the
5 The, an, the
6 A, the
7 -, -, –
1 a
2 –
3 The
4 the
5 the
6 the
7 a
8 the
9 a
10 the
1 who / that
2 where
3 which / that
4 whose
1 which
2 whose
3 where
4 who
5 which
6 who
7 where
8 which
1 I like people who are honest.
2 I prefer restaurants which serve seafood.
3 I like watching documentaries which are about nature.
4 I can’t stand people who are rude.
5 I love reading books which are about magic.
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