Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4g

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1 В
2 F
3 G
4 A
5 E
6 C
7 H
8 D
Expected words
A: late, miss flight, etc.
B: bad food, sick, food poisoning, etc.
C: rain, no sun, cold, etc.
D: rubbish, litter, dirty beach, sunburnt, small room, etc.
E: lost, suitcases missing, steal passport, steal / rob, out of money, etc.
1 A
2 C
3 E
4 D
Anna’s problem is that someone stole all her money.
A: Hi Elaine, it’s Samantha!
B: Hi Sam! How are you? Are you enjoying yourself in New York?
A: Yes, but listen to this! The airline lost our luggage.
B: Really? Oh dear!
A: We had to spend two whole days without any of our things!
B: Oh, that’s terrible!
When I went on holiday to Spain last year, I got really badly sunburnt on my second day. I had to spend an afternoon in hospital and I wasn’t allowed to go out in the sun for the rest of my holiday!
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