Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 4i

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I think a responsible camper is someone who cares about the place where they are camping, and makes sure they protect the environment and keep themselves safe.
Responsible camping includes having the right emergency equipment with you, postponing your trip if the weather is bad, boiling water from streams before drinking it and keeping water next to a campfire. A responsible camper doesn’t eat wild fruits and berries and doesn’t feed pat or go near wild animals.
1 make sure you have the right equipment and check the weather forecast
2 bottled water or boiled water from streams
3 because summer heat can quickly spoil food
4 pour water over it and cover it with soil
5 put it in sealed bags
explore (v): to travel around to see what somewhere is like
dangers (n pl): things or people that can harm you
protect (v): to prevent from being damaged
safe (adj): unharmed
prepare (v): to get ready
emergency equipment (phr): things helpful to use in unexpected or dangerous situations such as an accident
compass (n): an instrument used for finding directions
forecast (n): a statement of what will happen in the future
postpone (v): to delay an event to take place at a later time
hassle (n): difficult situation that involves problems
stream (n): small narrow river
seal (v): to cover in order to prevent air, liquid or other material getting in or out
spoil (v): to be no longer good to eat
put out (phr v): stop (a fire, flame etc.) burning
leave alone (phr): not bother
leftovers (n pl): food that’s not been eaten after a meal
1 prepares
2 forecast
3 emergency
4 put out
5 alone
I think that I’m a responsible camper because I try to be prepared when I go camping. I always check the weather forecast when I go, for instance. Also, I take bottles of water with me and canned food and of course I never eat any wild fruits or berries. Once, when I went camping with some friends, we built a campfire but we built it far away from our tent and any trees or bushes and we put it out properly by pouring water on it and then covering it with soil. We didn’t see any wild animals that time, but if I saw any while camping in the future I would leave them alone!
Other ways in which people can be responsible campers:
– Put all your litter in a bin or take it home with you.
– Never pick any flowers or plants or take any rocks or other things home with you; leave them for others to enjoy.
– Respect the peace and quiet of other campers by not shouting or playing loud music.
– Never use detergents, soap or toothpaste in any water source as they may harm fish and other wildlife.
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