Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 5a

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A 3
В 2
C 1
D 6
E 5
F 7
G 4
Droughts are common in my country.
Floods are common in my country.
Earthquakes are common in my country.
Tornadoes are common in my country.
Tsunamis are common in my country.
Hurricanes are common in my country.
Suzy is in Port-au-Prince in Haiti. I think she is a volunteer working as part of a team to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake.
1 NS
2 F (the earthquake has affected 3 million people)
3 F (Haiti suffers from hurricanes and floods every year)
4 F (seven days)
5 F (it affected all of Haiti)
6 NS
7 NS
1 volunteer
2 awful
3 rubble
4 medical supplies
5 rescue team
volunteer team (n): a group of people who offer to do sth
destroy (v): to ruin
affect (v): to influence, cause to change
injury (n): damage done to the body
suffer (v): to feel mental / physical pain
challenge (n): sth difficult that requires determination to do
clear (v): to clean away
rubble (n): pieces of a destroyed building
rescue team (n): a group of people that work together to find and help victims
wage (n): money paid for work done
conditions (n): things which affect comfort, safety, etc.
running water (n): water that comes from a tap
medical supplies (n): medicine, bandages, etc.
awful (adj): terrible
I can hear alarms and people crying. Someone nearby is screaming and other people are calling out the names of people in their families.
I can see fires in buildings and rubble all over the streets. Some people are lying injured on the ground and rescue teams are trying to help. Families are standing around looking at the damage to their homes. There is dust everywhere. I can smell burning plastic and smoke from the fires. I feel sad.
1 Have
2 Has
3 haven’t
4 has
5 hasn’t
has destroyed, has affected, have lost, has offered, has caused, have damaged (and even) swept, have come, have cleared, have just arrived.
eat – eaten
go – gone
tell – told
have – had
be – been
say – said
give – given
see – seen
buy – bought
lose – lost
arrived, destroyed, affected, offered, caused, damaged, swept, come, cleared.
2 have worked
3 Has the tornado destroyed
4 have lost
5 have saved
6 haven’t arrived
(ticked boxes) 1, 2, 5
They have cleared roads.
They have brought supplies.
They have taken photos.
Well, here I am in the Caribbean and I can’t believe my eyes! The hurricane has destroyed many buildings and the conditions are terrible. The strong winds and rain have pulled trees down and swept them across the roads. There is glass and rubble everywhere. Our team has started to clear the roads and medical supplies have arrived. Hopefully we can help rebuild the village after this awful disaster!
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