Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 5b

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To me, poverty is the most important problem because it can lead to hunger and other problems.
Greg Mortenson is someone who saw poor villagers when he was climbing a mountain and wanted to help them. He raised money in the USA for a school for them and continues to help them.
1 E
2 C
3 F
4 В
5 A
D is not used
achieve (v): to accomplish
end up (phr v): to eventually get somewhere / do sth, usually by accident
failure (n): a lack of success
set out (phr v): to begin a journey
make it (phr): to succeed in sth
top (n): peak
stumble (v): to walk awkwardly almost falling
injured (adj): hurt
poor (adj): having no money
hunger (n): shortage of food
ground (n): earth
stick (n): a piece of wood
promise (v): to tell sb you will do sth
raise money (v): to collect money for a specific purpose
peace award (n): a prize for promoting non-violence
thrilling (adj): exciting
proof (n): evidence
courage (n): bravery
best-selling (adj): very popular (books, DVDs)
ignorance (n): a lack of knowledge
cause (v): to result in
campaign (n): movement
issue (n): problem
look after (phr v): to protect, care for
I admire Greg because he has made a difference in poor people’s lives around the world.
Have you ever wanted to …? Since then, Greg’s organisation has built…. Greg hasn’t finished yet. Greg has just written a best-selling book about his story called Three Cups of Tea.
1 yet
2 since
3 for
4 already
5 just
Present Perfect: Have wanted, has built, hasn’t finished, has won, has helped, has just written
Past Simple: wanted, ended up, began, set out, made, stumbled, looked after, saw, were, didn’t have, wrote,
knew, wanted, told, went, lived, built
1 have been
2 have already done
3 went
4 helped
5 felt
6 Have you ever done
1 haven’t seen
2 Have they been playing
3 have won
4 has been waiting
5 has been living
6 has collected
Interviewer: Hello and welcome to the programme, Greg. Now, how did your story begin?
Greg: Well, it all started when I set out to climb K2. I never made it to the top, but I ended up in the village of Korphe. I was injured, hungry, and quite tired.
Interviewer: What happened to you there?
Greg: The villagers looked after me and they were very kind. I noticed everyone was very poor. People were sick and the children didn’t have a proper school.
Interviewer: What did you do?
Greg: I returned home and raised money to help them. They helped me and I wanted to do something for them.
Interviewer: What did you do exactly?
Greg: I returned with the money and built them a school.
Interviewer: What have you done since then?
Greg: Since then I’ve built around 80 schools in other poor countries. I also organise campaigns to fight poverty and illiteracy.
Interviewer: You have won many peace awards. How does this make you feel?
Greg: What makes me happy and proud is the smiles of the children we have helped.
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