Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 5d

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I put up posters for our school’s environmental day last year.
My friends and I sold tickets for our school party last week. My mum made banners for the village charity event last weekend.
I collected donations with my sister for our local animal shelter last spring.
My friends and I have just decorated the venue for this year’s concert.
Carol is making some banners for the concert.
Darren offers to help her make the banners.
Carol asks Darren to help Jim and her put up the posters and to sell tickets at the door.
I don’t have anything to do this afternoon. – I’m free this afternoon.
Do you want me to help you? – Can I give you a hand?
There’s something else you can do. – There’s one more thing. Sure I can. – Yes, that’s no problem.
1 white
2 were
3 pear
A: Hi, Rachel! What are you doing?
B: Oh, hi, Steve. I’m just making banners for the clean-up day at the local park tomorrow.
A: Oh, really? Well, I’m free this afternoon. Can I give you a hand?
B: Actually, I’ve nearly finished. Would you mind helping us with something else?
A: Of course not.
B: Thanks. Can you put up some posters later?
A: Yes. That’s no problem. What time?
B: Around 7 would be great.
A: OK, see you at 7!
B: Thanks!
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