Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 5e

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A 1
В 3
C 2
D 5
E 4
1 I think we can find pink river dolphins in the Amazon River. They are in danger because of water pollution and they get caught in fishermen’s nets.
2 I think we can find Cross River gorillas in Cameroon. They are in danger because of hunters who kill them for their meat and because deforestation destroys their natural habitat.
3 I think we can find loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea. They are in danger because people damage their nests and because they mistake rubbish for food.
1 turtle
2 dolphin
3 gorilla
4 gorilla
5 turtle
6 turtle
species (n): a class of plants or animals
floating (adj): sitting on top of a liquid, without sinking
rainforest (n): a thick forest found in tropical areas
observation team (n): a group that studies sth
monitor (v): to observe
porch (n): a sheltered area at the front of a building
hammock (n): a swinging bed made of rope or cloth
track (v): to follow
hunting (n): killing sth for food or sport
steep slope (n): a side of a hill rising at a sharp angle
record (v): to write down
location (n): site
cut down (phr v): to cut through sth so it falls down
farming (n): raising plants or livestock
challenging (adj): difficult but enjoyable
conservation project (n): a scheme to save sth
lay their eggs (phr): to produce eggs
mistake for (phr): to wrongly think sth is sth else
dawn (n): the time when the sun first rises in the morning
survey (n): the measuring and recording of details
nest (n): a type ofbird / animal home
spectacular (adj): amazing
patrol (v): to move around in an area to make sure there is no trouble there
by mistake – by accident
disappears forever – dies out
demanding – challenging
write down – record
other possibilities – alternatives
1 endangered
2 polluted
3 spectacular
4 conservation
5 working
6 steep
2 Pink river dolphins swim in polluted waters.
3 Mary saw some spectacular sunrises on Zakynthos.
4 Mary helped out with a turtle conservation project.
5 Hayley, Ryan and Mary each went on a working holiday.
6 Ryan walked for miles up steep slopes in the rainforest.
endangered, working (holiday), floating, amazing, polluted, relaxing, shocked, excited, interesting, challenging, tiring.
1 shocked
2 frightening
3 boring
4 tired
5 interested
Mark felt frightened because he heard and saw a tiger near him.
Holly felt shocked because she saw a dead seabird caught in a fishing net.
Jess felt excited because she saw many colourful fish and swam with sea lions.
Hayley was part of an observation team carrying out research on dolphins. She recorded new births and checked the babies.
Ryan tracked gorillas in the rainforests, so that he could learn more about their behaviour and living conditions. He also educated the locals about deforestation and suggested alternatives to cutting down forests for farming.
Mary helped out with a turtle conservation project. She worked with a team and did a survey of nests and eggs. She also patrolled the beach and told tourists about the turtles.
I would choose a working holiday helping animal conservation. I think it would be a great opportunity to do something good for endangered animals. I would like to make a difference to the world we live in as I am concerned about worldwide problems.
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