Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 5f

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I got sore feet once. I missed the bus and walked home in uncomfortable shoes.
The text is about how Dave Cornthwaite from Wales skateboarded across Australia.
1 C
2 D
3 D
4 A
5 В
6 В
set a world record (phr): to achieve the best result in sth globally
champ (n): a champion, winner
sunscreen (n): a lotion to protect the skin against sunburn
physical pain (n): discomfort / hurt in the body
dream come true (phr): when sth you wish for becomes a reality
quit (v): to stop doing sth
association (n): an official group of people with a shared goal
raise money (phr): to collect cash
make a donation (phr): to give money to charity
challenge (n): a difficult situation
desert (n): a dry area of land covered in sand
nasty fall (n): hitting the ground badly and injuring yourself
motivate (v): to make sb want to do sth
1 Dave set a new world record when he beat the previous champ.
2 Dave used over a dozen tubes of sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt.
3 His journey caused him physical pain.
4 He quit his job and created the Board Free association to raise money for charities.
5 His challenge took him across the Australian desert.
6 He has motivated other people to follow in his footsteps.
I was careful to use sunscreen every day to avoid sunburn. Some days my feet were so sore I almost gave up. It was really cold at night in the Australian desert. I got a few scars but I have some amazing memories from my journey.
1 had spent
2 had already booked
3 started
4 hadn’t finished
5 had written / wrote
6 did he decide
2 If I hadn’t had a terrible headache, I would have finished my homework.
3 If it hadn’t rained hard, we would have gone out.
4 If they had played well, they wouldn’t have lost the match.
5 If they hadn’t worked hard, they wouldn’t have managed to raise ?10,000 for charity.
2 I wish / If only I could go to Tom’s party.
3 He wishes / If only he had studied.
4 She wishes / If only she hadn’t lost her gold earrings.
5 He wishes / If only he knew someone in the neighbourhood.
1 rich
2 cared more for the environment
3 harder, I wouldn’t have passed the test
4 lost my keys
5 were more patient
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