Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 6. Russia

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The statue is of a woman wearing long robes and holding a large sword high up in the air.
1 on the hill of Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd, Russia.
2 concrete
3 a woman holding a large sword in her right hand
4 85 metres
5 honour the millions of Russians who died for their country.
giant (adj): huge
concrete (adj): made of a substance made of cement, sand, small stones and water
statue (n): large sculpture of a person or animal
magnificent (adj): beautiful and impressive
sword (n): a weapon with a long sharp blade
commemorate (v): remember by a ceremony or special action
victory (n): success in a war or competition
invasion (n): attack of a country by an army
erect (v): to build or to create
memorial (adj): in honour of someone, who has died so that they are remembered
site (n): ground used for a particular purpose
honour (v): to give praise to for doing something good
monument (n): a large structure built to remind people of a famous person or a historical event
1 The Motherland calls is a giant concrete statue.
2 It commemorates Russia’s victory over the Nazi invasion during World War II.
3 It weighs almost 8,000 tons.
The Bronze Horseman is a magnificent statue built to honour the founder of St Petersburg, Peter the Great. The statue stands on Senatskai Square and it faces the Neva River. The statue is Peter the Great on a horse. The pedestal that the statue stands on is made of a single piece of red granite which looks like a cliff. From the top of this ‘cliff’, Peter is leading Russia forward while his horse steps on a snake, which represents Peter’s enemies.
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