Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 6b

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roadside attraction (n): an interesting feature for tourists at the side of a road
transform (v): to change
element (n): an important quality / feature that sth has
steel (n): a hard metal
fibreglass (n): a man-made plastic and glass building material
dinosaur bone (n): a bone from a prehistoric creature
fossil (n): the remains of a prehistoric animal / plant found inside a rock
on display (phr): put in a place for everyone to see
line (v): to form rows along the sides of sth
mural (n): a large picture painted on a wall
plantation (n): a large piece of land where a certain crop is grown
wildlife reserve (n): an area where wild animals live in safety
dazzled (pp): amazed
carve (v): to cut out of wood or stone
limestone (n): a type of stone
pose (v): to stand in a position ready for a photo / picture
mighty beast (phr): a huge animal
A This roadside attraction is a huge green and yellow dinosaur. It might be made of steel and fibreglass. I think there may be dinosaur bones and fossils on display there.
В This roadside attraction is a huge pineapple. It may be made of steel. It may be at the site of a pineapple plantation.
C This roadside attraction is a huge lion’s head. It may be carved from limestone. It could mark the entrance to a wildlife reserve. It looks like a mighty beast.
1 T
2 T
3 F
4 F
5 T
6 F
A: Where is the big dinosaur?
B: It’s in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. How big is it?
A: It’s 26 metres tall. How much does it weigh?
B: It weighs 65,770 kg. What can you see there?
A: Dinosaur bones, fossils, beautiful murals and a fantastic view, etc.
1 roadside
2 shapes
3 humour
4 display
5 local
6 attraction
7 wildlife
8 sweet
9 tropical
10 pose
Roadside attractions can transform our towns, cities and motorways.
Roadside attractions can come in all shapes and sizes.
Some of them can bring an element of humour to a boring journey.
In Drumheller, Alberta, there is a huge dinosaur where dinosaur bones and fossils have been put on display.
There are also murals painted by a local artist.
Drumheller is a popular tourist attraction.
In Woombye, Australia at the Big Pineapple, people can visit a wildlife reserve.
It’s a great place for people who have a sweet tooth because they have a large selection of sweets.
The sweets they serve are made of tropical fruit.
Just outside Baguio City in the Philippines, there is a giant lion’s head that many tourists stop at and pose for a photo next to.
I would like to visit the big dinosaur in Drumheller in Canada. I think it would be fun to climb to the top and look out of its mouth. / I would like to visit the Big Pineapple in Australia. I think it would be fun to see all the wildlife there and try the sweets made from tropical fruit. / I would like to visit the giant lion’s head in the Philippines. I think it would be fun to pose for a photo with it.
We chose a huge statue of a dragon. Dragons are a big part of our folklore so we thought it would be a good idea. Our dragon is made of steel and fiberglass like the big dinosaur in Alberta, Canada. Tourists climb up to its mouth to get a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside.
can be transformed (modal), is made out of (present simple), was first opened (past simple), has been toured (present perfect), are entertained (present simple), have been put (present perfect), have been painted (present perfect), is made out of (present simple), was built (past simple), can be seen (modal), will be dazzled (future), has been carved (present perfect), can be bought (modal), may be found (modal).
1 Cameras can’t be used in the museum.
2 The gallery has been visited by lots of people today.
3 Souvenirs can be bought in the gift shop.
4 The new statue will be sculpted by a local artist.
5 Dinosaur bones are displayed by the museum.
6 Emma was invited to the wildlife reserve by Paul.
2 The art gallery opening was called off yesterday.
3 A rock concert will be held tonight at Baguio.
4 The museum renovation has not been completed yet.
5 The art museum was closed for repairs last Monday.
It was sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.
It was started in 1876 and it was completed in 1884. It is made of copper.
It was given (to the USA) as a gift from France.
It is visited by 3 million people per year.
It is a sight not to be missed.
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