Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 6c

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I am at a festival. There are people in traditional costumes. I think they are Aboriginal Australians. They are dancing and playing music around me. I feel very honoured to be here to visit and experience their tribal customs.
1 … the traditional musical instrument of Aboriginals
2 … over 40,000 years
3 … from them by European settlers
4 … a soul or a spirit
5 … handmade boomerangs, decorated didgeridoos, bark paintings and dot paintings
6 … the forest, there are traditional dances and didgeridoo performances
7 … must be invited / can apply through the Garma Festival website
didgeridoo (n): an Aboriginal musical instrument
Aboriginal (adj): relating to the original inhabitants of a country
announce (v): to declare
come together in unity (phr): to meet and cooperate to help people
continent (n): one of the major land masses (e.g. Asia, Africa, Europe)
tribes (n): groups of people who share the same race, language and culture
settlers (n): people who arrive in a new country and make it their home
soul (n): part of a person that consists of a person’s character, thoughts and feelings; spirit
spirit (n): soul
bond (n): a strong feeling of love or friendship that exists between people
handmade boomerang (n): an Aboriginal weapon that is flat and curved and comes back when you throw it, made by hand
bark (n): the outer layer of the trunk of a tree
constructed (adj): built
hang (v): to suspend on a wall
background (n): a person’s family, culture, education, etc.
holy ground (n): a piece of land that is important to a religion
highlight (v): to draw attention to
gatherings (n): get-togethers
discuss (v): to talk about sth
invest (v): to put money into sth to make it better
attendance (n): the number of people present at an event
A: What is the Garma Festival?
B: It’s a celebration of Aboriginal culture. How long have Aboriginals lived in Australia?
A: Over 40,000 years. What do Aboriginals believe?
B: That everything has a soul. What is the Dreaming?
A: When the world began according to Aboriginal beliefs. What sort of art do Aboriginals make?
B: They make bark paintings and carefully constructed dot paintings. Where is the Garma Festival held?
A: It is held on holy ground in the forest. What is the aim of the festival?
B: It is to highlight the past and raise awareness about the future of Aboriginals. How can someone attend?
A: It is by invitation only. You can apply through the website.
The Garma Festival is an annual celebration of Aboriginal culture. It involves traditional music from didgeridoos, dance and art and allows people from different backgrounds to come together in unity. The Aboriginal people believe that everything has a soul or a spirit. They use the festival to highlight the past and discuss ways of investing in the future.
Yes, I would like to go to the festival because I think it would be an interesting cultural experience. I don’t know very much about Aboriginal Australians and it would be a great opportunity to learn more.
Las Fallas is a traditional festival in Valencia, Spain. It takes place in spring and celebrates the end of the dark winter. This celebration comes from the Middle Ages when carpenters used to hang pieces of wood in their workshops to hold their candles. At the end of winter, they would display these pieces of wood outside their shops dressed in human form and call them ninots. These ninots would then be burnt to welcome in spring. Nowadays, people spend months preparing and building their ninots. On the night of 15 March, the people put up their statues in the streets and squares where they stand until, on the 19th, they are all burnt on a massive bonfire on a night of light, music and fireworks.
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