Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 6e

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You can buy a gold ring at a jeweller’s.
You can buy sweets and chocolates at a confectioner’s.
You can buy designer clothes and shoes at a boutique.
You can buy high quality cheeses and cold meats at a delicatessen.
You can buy contact lenses and sunglasses at an optician’s.
You can buy cakes and bread rolls at a baker’s.
You can buy eye drops and aspirin at a chemist’s.
1 confectioner’s (box of chocolate truffles)
2 chemist’s (sore throat, syrup, lozenges)
3 delicatessen (salami, Stilton)
4 jeweller’s (silver earrings)
Venice is a city in Italy. It is famous for its canals and bridges and the gondoliers that take people up and down the canals.
Venice is a city in Italy. Venice in Las Vegas is a representation of the Italian City.
1 C
2 В
3 А
4 A
5 C
shimmer (v): to shine with a light that moves
canal (n): a long narrow stretch of water
gondolier (n): a man who controls a gondola (a long narrow boat steered with a pole)
steer (v): to control the direction of a vehicle
elegant (adj): beautiful and refined
disturb (v): to interrupt or bother sb / sth
charm (n): the quaint beauty of sth
inspiration (n): a feeling of enthusiasm that gives you new ideas
authentic (adj): relating to the real thing
inspire (v): to stimulate
attention to detail (phr): making sure all the aspects of sth are correct
stroll past (phr): to walk slowly and in a relaxed way past sth
serenade (v): to sing or play music for another person
juggler (n): an entertainer who throws things into the air and catches them again
living statue (n): an entertainer who pretends to be a real statue
line (v): to form rows along the sides of sth
pose (v): to get in a particular position for sb to see or photograph you
exclusive (adj): only accessible to a few people
fashion boutique (n): a small shop that sells trendy
clothes (usually designer labels)
replica (n): a copy of sth else
twilight (n): the time of day just before nightfall
carnival mask (n): a face covering that people wear during a festival
glide (v): to move smoothly along
1 charm
2 steering
3 true
4 enormous
5 paid
6 line
7 experience
8 inspire
a hotel is built…, It was opened…,… you’ll be amazed …, … you’ll be serenaded by…
People built the hotel to look like an ancient Egyptian Pyramid. The owners opened it in 1999. The attention to detail will amaze you. The sweet violins of street musicians will serenade you.
Name: Grand Canal Shops
Place: Venice, Las Vegas
What to see: ceiling art, streetlights, bridges, street musicians, jugglers, an opera trio, living statues, St Mark’s Square
What to do: stroll past the shops, stop for a cappuccino, be serenaded, watch performances of singers / actors / musicians, buy souvenirs, ride a gondola.
A: Hello!
B: Hi, Ann. This is Ben.
A: Hi, Ben! Where are you?
B: I’m in Venice, Las Vegas.
A: I think Venice is in Italy.
B: It is but there’s another one here in Las Vegas. Actually, it’s a huge shopping mall built to look like Venice. You can even see St Mark’s Square.
A: Wow! It must be amazing.
B: It is. You can see amazing ceiling art, canals and bridges. You can even take a ride on a gondola.
A: Sounds great. What about the shops there?
B: You can find everything, from exclusive fashion boutiques to a marketplace that sells souvenirs of Venice like carnival masks and costumes. Oh, and you can have a cappuccino while you’re serenaded by the violins of street musicians. I tell you, it’s out of this world.
A: I wish I was there.
B: Don’t worry. I’ve taken lots of pictures to show you when I come back. Have to go now. Talk to you later.
A: See you.
I’d like to visit Venice to ride on a gondola and visit St Mark’s Square. I think it’d be amazing to stroll alongside the canal and be serenaded by street musicians.
Our mall is an Amazon Rainforest mall. There are lots of beautiful plants and trees and birds such as parrots and macaws that live in the treetops and fly around freely. It is warm and sunny all the time. There are cafes and restaurants and shops in the jungle. There is a huge adventure playground for children to play on and a rock climbing wall. Some of the money that the shops make goes towards saving the real rainforest.
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