Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 6f

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pop, rock, rap, heavy metal, folk, soul, hip hop, jazz, electronic, classical, blues, house, etc.
1 b
2 c
3 a
String: cello, guitar
Wind: oboe, clarinet
Brass: trombone, French horn
Percussion: xylophone, cymbals
Yes, I play the violin. / No, I don’t, but I would like to play the piano because I like the sound of it a lot.
He is called ‘the ice musician’ because he makes musical instruments out of ice and plays them in ice music concerts.
1 В (he wondered what kind of sounds … – he experimented, percussion instruments – he soon moved on to making other instruments.
2 E (he played at a concert held behind a frozen waterfall)
3 C (… music fans? – they tuned in … concert tour around Europe)
4 D (Is ice music here to stay? – … the success of his music…, it looks like it is)
percussionist (n): a person who plays percussion instruments
frozen (ad)): solid because of the cold temperature
waterfall (n): a place where water flows off the edge of a steep cliff
icicles (n): long piece of ice hanging from an edge formed by dripping water freezing
horn (n): a brass musical instrument
harp (n): a large string musical instrument
didgeridoo (n): Aboriginal Australian wooden wind instrument
compose (v): to write music
chill-out (adj): relaxing
glacier (n): a large area of ice that moves slowly
freezer (n): an appliance that allows you to freeze and store frozen food
deep freeze (n): a freezer
escape (v): to get away from a place or thing
approach (v): to deal with or think about sth in a certain way
music critic (n): a person who writes his opinion on music in newspapers, magazines, etc.
Mother Nature (n): nature
1 take
2 frozen
3 compose
4 chill-out
5 deep
6 affect
7 raise
8 demand
9 talented
Isungset was a percussionist whose music took a new direction.
He was playing in a concert behind a frozen waterfall when he became interested in ice music.
Now he composes music for ice instruments.
He calls his music chill-out music.
He puts the instruments in the deep freeze after each performance to prevent them from melting.
He says that the quality of the ice can affect the quality of the sound.
He uses his music to raise people’s awareness of nature.
These days he is in demand and has recorded six albums so far.
He is a very talented musician.
The message of his music is about the beauty of nature. I think he tries to show people that nature can provide us with everything we need, even music.
He said that his interest in ice music began when he played at a concert held behind a frozen waterfall.
Terje said that he wanted to raise people’s awareness of nature through his instruments and ice music.
He said that the only way he could escape normal music traditions was to change the instruments he used as well as the way he approached music.
Terje also says that the temperature inside the concert hall affects the sound of the music.
1 said
2 said
3 told
4 said
5 said
6 said
7 said
8 told
1 He said (to us that) that song was great.
2 She said they had been to a concert the night before.
3 She told me they were seeing U2 that night.
4 She said (to me that) he had played the banjo once.
5 He said he would buy me Gaga’s new CD.
6 She said he could play the piano.
7 He said (to me that) she had bought tickets.
8 She told me she had been to the opera the day before.
We report direct questions that use question words with the same question word in the reported question. We report Yes / No direct questions with if / whether in the reported question. The verb is always in the affirmative in the reported sentence. We report orders with (not) + to-infinitive.
1 He asked how much the ticket had cost.
2 They asked if / whether they could come with us.
3 He asked if / whether I was going to the concert.
4 He told us not to take photographs.
5 He told me to show him the way.
6 He told us to follow him.
7 He told me to turn the radio down.
8 He told me not to play music that loud.
2 ourselves
3 herself
4 yourself
5 myself
I heard that Lady Gaga was about to release a new album.
I heard that the price of petrol was going up.
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