Баранова, 6. Учебник. Module 6g

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In my town there is an art gallery and a natural history museum.
I can see a large palace with blue walls and white columns. There are statues on the roof and gold decorations above every window.
I can see a man looking at paintings. He is in an art gallery. I think they are oil paintings.
I can see a huge temple. It has got several floors. It’s white and gold. Behind it there are fields.
I can see an ancient round stone theatre. There are rows of seats round a stage. It’s an open theatre. I think it is in Greece.
I can see a boy looking at a huge clock. He is in a science museum. The boy has got fair hair and is wearing a red sweater.
I can see a huge castle. It has got lots of rooms and it’s very big. I think it’s medieval.
I can see ancient ruins in an open space. There are some white marble columns. They look like they are from ancient Greece.
I can see the skeleton of a dinosaur in a natural history museum. The bones are huge.
I can see an ancient fort. The walls are grey. The fort is by the sea.
Speaker 1 В
Speaker 2 D
Speaker 3 A
Speaker 4 F
Speaker 5 C
Speaker 1 – I could image, through history
Speaker 2 – seven days in a row to see
Speaker 3 – 300 steps to the top, panorama
Speaker 4 – engrossed, didn’t notice time passing, very late
Speaker 5 – long queues, numbers of visitors
1 isn’t it
2 doesn’t he
3 will you
4 has he
5 didn’t he
6 aren’t they
A: Do you fancy visiting the art gallery?
B: Sure – why not?
A: Would you rather visit the castle or the temple?
B: I’d quite like to go to the castle.
A: Do you want to go to the fort?
B: Sounds perfect to me.
A: I’m thinking of going to the palace. Do you like palaces?
В: I don’t like palaces much, etc.
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