Баранова, 6. Учебник. Starter

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1 American
2 English
3 Polish
4 Russian
5 Mexican
6 Slovakian
7 German
8 Spanish
9 Irish
10 Italian
I’m Nikolai Petrov. I’m from Russia. I’m Russian.
1 artist
2 actress
3 nurse
4 author
5 waiter
Hidden word: astronaut
1 slim
2 arm
3 cheek
4 short
5 fair
I’m tall and slim with long brown hair and brown eyes.
Living room: sofa, carpet, armchair, coffee table, curtains, cushions, etc.
Bedroom: bed, wardrobe, bookcase, desk, chair, pillows, etc.
Kitchen: cooker, fridge, table, chairs, cupboards, sink, etc.
There is a sofa in the living room.
There are two armchairs in the living room.
There is a carpet on the floor.
There is a cupboard in the living room.
There is a coffee table in the living room.
There is a window behind the sofa.
There are two small tables in the living room.
There are two lamps on the small tables.
There are some cushions on the sofa.
There are some books on the coffee table.
There is a picture on the wall.
There is a chair in the corner.
There are some curtains in the living room.
1 get
2 have
3 go
4 do
5 brush
6 play
On Saturdays, I get up, brush my teeth and have breakfast. Afterwards, I go to the park and play football with my friends. Then I have lunch in town. Later, I go to the cinema and I go to bed around 11 pm.
1 It’s half past six. / It’s six thirty.
2 It’s (a) quarter to eight. / It’s seven forty-five.
3 It’s three o’clock.
4 It’s nine o’clock.
5 It’s twenty past four. / It’s four twenty.
6 It’s ten to six. / It’s five fifty.
1 mother (mum)
2 daughter
3 wife
4 grandma
5 niece
6 cousin
7 aunt
8 sister
There are five people in my family. There is my mum, Sue, my dad, Bob, my older brother, Dan, and my sister, Jane.
1 boiling hot
2 snowy
3 freezing cold
4 foggy
5 cloudy
6 sunny
7 windy
8 rainy
In winter it is freezing cold and snowy.
In spring it is sunny.
In summer it is boiling hot.
In autumn it is cloudy, windy and rainy.
1 theatre
2 cafe
3 museum
4 greengrocer’s
5 baker’s
6 post office
7 restaurant
8 hospital
1 b
2 b
3 a
4 a
5 a
6 a
7 b
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