Баранова, Дули, 5. Рабочая тетрадь. Мodule 1c, d

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1 states
2 colours
3 nation
4 symbol
5 special
6 government buildings
1 March
2 September
3 January
4 April
5 February
6 May
1st first
2nd second
3rd third
4th fourth
5th fifth
6th sixth
7th seventh
8th eighth
9th ninth
10th tenth
11th eleventh
12th twelfth
13th thirteenth
14th fourteenth
15th fifteenth
16th sixteenth
17th seventeenth
18th eighteenth
19th nineteenth
20th twentieth
A 1 a
2 a
3 b
4 a
В 1 a
2 b
3 b
4 a
C 1 b
2 a
3 b
4 b
1 A: Hi. Lucy!
B: Hi, Tim.
A: How are you?
B: Great, and you?
A: Great.
B: See you later.
A: Take care.

2 A: It’s time to go home.
B: OK. See you later.
A: Bye.
B: Take care.
3 A: Hi, I’m Sam.
B: Hi Sam, I’m Andrew. Nice to meet you.
A: Nice to meet you too. This is Jen. She is my friend from school.
B: Hi Jen, nice to meet you.
A: Nice to meet you too, Andrew.

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