Баранова, Дули, 5. Рабочая тетрадь. Мodule 1h

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A 3
В 2
C 4
D 1
1 His favourite football player is Javier Hernandez.
2 Matt is from Sydney. Australia.
3 Kate’s favourite day is Wednesday.
4 Jim is English, but I am Scottish.
5 Me favourite month is July.
1 He is 15.
2 He is from Madrid.
3 The name of his school is Park High School.
4 His favourite subject is Art.
5 His favourite sport is football.
6 His favourite sport star is Fernando Torres.
7 His favourite singer is Kanye West.
8 His favourite actor is Johnny Depp.
9 His favourite hobby is painting.
Hi Peter.
My best friend is Alfredo. He is 15. He is from Madrid and he is a student at Park High School.
He’s tall and thin with blue eyes and short curly hair. He favourite subject is Art. His favourite sport is football.
What about you? Who is your best friend?
Write soon.
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