Баранова, Дули, 5. Рабочая тетрадь. Module 2g

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1 cinema
4 school
6 baker’s
7 fast food
8 pet shop

2 Internet cafe
3 clothes shop
5 cafe
6 bookshop

Picture: Internet cafe

1 do you know where the post office is
2 Turn right
3 go down
4 Walk past
5 next to the baker’s on your left
6 You’re welcome
Go along Prince Street and turn right into Park Lane. Go past the cinema and turn left into Bow Street. My house is opposite the library.
1 C
2 В
3 А
4 D
1 A: Your total is 10.50, please. Is it cash or credit card?
B: Cash, here you are.
A: Thank you. Here’s your change.
B: Thank you. Goodbye.

2 A: Two burgers, please.
B: OK. Is there anything else?
A: One lemonade, please.
B: OK. Right away.

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