Баранова, Дули, 5. Рабочая тетрадь. Module 4h

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1 В
2 С
3 А
1 C
2 0
3 C
4 0
1 traditional
2 delicious
3 colourful
4 happy
5 spectacular
1 My favourite festival is Bonfire Night.
2 Every 5th of November.
3 It only lasts for one night.
4 Some people parade through the streets wearing special costumes. There is a fireworks display and we light a bonfire.
5 The fireworks display is very beautiful. We eat traditional soup and baked potatoes.
Hi Bill.
Greetings from England! My favourite festival is Bonfire Night. It’s on 5th November. We celebrate it every year. It lasts for one night.
At the moment we are watching a parade. People are wearing special costumes. People are playing music in the streets and some people are dancing. Right now my sister is eating some delicious traditional soup and a baked potato from the bonfire. We are all waiting to watch the beautiful fireworks display. It’s a great festival.
What в your favourite festival?
Bye for now,
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