Баранова, Дули, 5. Учебник. Module 1. Language Review

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1 good
2 favourite
3 wavy
4 fighter
5 dream
6 riding
7 crosses
8 capital
9 tribe
10 landmark
age: middle-aged, old, young;
weight: fat, plump, thin, slim;
hair: fair, straight, curly, long. wavy, short;
height: tall, short, of medium height.
1 Brazilian
2 Spanish
3 Polish
4 French
5 Irish
6 German
2 fat / plump girl
3 small eyes
4 wavy / curly hair
5 fair hair
6 thin lips
7 small nose
8 short hair
1 ‘m
2 British
3 My
4 is
5 English
6 He
7 is
8 three
9 his
10 him
The Williams sisters are famous for their success as tennis players.
How old are you?
She is very slim.
The Pygmies have dark skin.
The Taj Mahal is a famous landmark in India.
What is your favourite sport?
My best friend is good at Maths.
I have a dream of becoming a famous singer.
I haven ‘f got short curly hair.
She’s very tall with long legs.
Gold rings on a woman’s neck are a sign of wealth and beauty in a tribe in Thailand.
The Dayak women have heavy earrings in their ears. The Maasai is a tribe in Africa.
My favourite school subject is Music.
1 F (He is a football player.)
2 F (They are very tall.)
3 F (She is a tennis player.)
4 T
5 F (They have got long necks.)
6 F (They are from Africa.)
7 T
8 F (It is in India.)

1 Michael Phelps is a tennis player. (F He is a swimmer.)
2 Remembrance Sunday is the second Sunday in November. (T)
3 The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Australia. (F It is in Italy)
4 There are two crosses on the flag of the UK. (F There are three.)
5 April has 30 days. (T)
6 The Emerald Buddha is in Bangkok. Thailand. (T)
7 The CN Tower is in Santiago. Chile. (F It is in Toronto, Canada.)
8 The Maasai haw long legs. (T)

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